7 Marketing Ideas To Help You Hit Sales During Halloween


1 year ago

Halloween is just a few weeks away, and candy & costumes aren’t the only reasons to get excited. It’s also one of the best times for shopping.

Halloween may not seem like a golden opportunity for catching customers - it’s not often associated with major shopping seasons like Christmas or back-to-school. But, even with lingering pandemic-related restrictions in place, the National Retail Foundation reported that the average American spent $103 on candy, costumes, and decorations and estimated that the country spent a total of $10.6 billion on the holiday. And Halloween promotions can help you get in on this spending.

How Halloween promotions can benefit your business

It seems like Christmas creep happens earlier every year, and you might be tempted to spend most of the fall season concentrating on the end-of-year holidays. However, by skipping out on Halloween promotions, you could be missing out on revenue.

Draw these shoppers into your retail business with these Halloween marketing ideas.

7 Unique Marketing Techniques To Increase Halloween Sales

Optimizing the mobile version of the website

Active research and surveys show the growing preferences of mobile devices by shoppers to search and purchase the needed items from anywhere anytime. Online shoppers are streamlining themselves towards mobile devices rather than working on desktops.

Since the purchases through smartphones are increasing exponentially, you cannot take a risk with your mobile-unfriendly website.

Create A Special Page Just For Halloween

A best practice followed by most large online stores is to create a dedicated Halloween page.

This will make it easier for buyers to notice your Halloween collection and offers. And if you do have good offers, people will definitely purchase more from you.

Discount Your Fall Merchandise

Halloween season is a great time for offloading fall merchandise to make room for your holiday inventory. Arrange a subpage on your website for fall products, and create small in-store displays of fall products. Dedicate a smaller section to Halloween decorations.

If you run a clothing store, make a display with lightweight sweaters and scarves that can be worn in the fall, and decorate the display table with pumpkins, leaves, and other fall-related items. Next to the sweaters and scarves, you can set up a smaller display with spooky decorations and Halloween-themed jewelry.


Bring people into your store by hosting a Halloween event. You could host a party after store hours with decorations and a DJ, letting people shop before they head out to other parties in the area. Host a “moonlight madness” sale after dark with a Halloween theme.

You can use your social media to promote and sell tickets to the event. If your shop has hosted similar events in the past, post photos to generate excitement for this year’s gathering. Offer a special discount to people who participate in your Halloween promotions to encourage more shoppers.

Run a Themed Email Marketing Campaign

You can never go wrong with email marketing. It always stands up with the saying “old is gold”. The data shows that even today, 91% of existing customers prefer personalized emails and coupons to social media flyers. It will fascinate you to know, email advertising is additionally 40 times more viable at obtaining new clients than Facebook or Twitter.

As you are in the phase of implementing your Halloween marketing ideas, customized emails are indispensable. Jotting down and designing new Halloween-themed email templates for new offers is a great approach to lure in customers. Halloween-customized themes will make your clients feel the same joy and excitement for the festive sale as you.

Google Ads

We are all aware of the paid advertising campaigns and how they reap the potential benefits for the business if done right. And we are also aware of how these paid ads can prove to be a bane if not planned well.

It’s the festivity hour planning and I won’t suggest you take any risk. Therefore, you must be ready with a deep search analysis on keywords and their trends before you plan to bid on keywords for your ads.

Stock up on Halloween Items

Decorative, costumes, and candies sell the most during Halloween. But it doesn’t mean that other items are not desirable.

You have to find a way to include products that compliment Halloween in order to meet the demand of your target customers.

This will give people reasons to purchase from your shop during Halloween sales. They might then browse through and purchase more products from your store other than just the Halloween items.

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