A Guide to Unique Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas


1 year ago

The space we live in may not be suitable for a real Christmas tree and for many people, they want to make their family Christmas extra special - a DIY Christmas tree is the perfect plan. great. This way, you can choose your own size, color, style and texture entirely, turning your Christmas tree into a beautiful, decorative addition to your home.

What's more, this is sure to be one of the best ways this coming Christmas season. To provide some creative ideas, we've selected some " unique " DIY Christmas trees below to help you get more ideas for your Christmas tree. Let's refer to offline!

Decorate the Christmas Tree With Small String Lights

You see, just a pine tree and a few pretty small lights is already a great finished product. Not fussy, not luxurious but still gives you a cozy space on Christmas day.

Decorate the Tree With Red Tassels

More simply, you just need to decorate a few red balls with red tassels wrapped around the canopy . Under the pine tree, you can also arrange gift boxes tied with red bows and a poinsettia flower bow with a pair of small bells hanging on the top of the tree. If your home has small wooden fence accessories surrounding it, it's great.

Origami Tree Decoration

If you do not like to buy decorative accessories outside, you can decorate the tree with Origami. It's not that you fold the paper into a pine tree, but the Origami-style decorations . In the East, people like to decorate with paper cranes, paper fans or pretty paper lanterns. Western culture prefers images of angels and stars appearing on the canopy. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose your favorite Origami to decorate.

Traditional Christmas Tree Decoration

This is the most classic Christmas tree decoration. You simply need to hang the glowing orbs on the canopy, and then spread the beads or string lights in a drooping loop . Under the tree, put a few lovely gift boxes, on the top is a sparkling star. The tree is usually placed near the fireplace (or the image of a fireplace), nearby decorated with a few gift socks. In addition, you can also combine other accessories such as: laurel wreath, red or white flower vase, ...

Decorate the Christmas Tree in an Elegant Style

If you want to have an elegant pine tree but still create a charm, use ribbons. Use soft ribbons in combination with bright patterns . In particular, don't forget those flashing lights.

Decorate the Christmas Tree in Luxury Style

If you are a lover of "noble" beauty, you can refer to the "golden pine tree" model . Not only is decorating the tree with gold tones, "golden pine" here is also understood as decoration with gold . However, it is just a color-plated accessory, but it is guaranteed to make people admire the luxury - genuine - smooth like a real gold-plated pine tree.

Minimalist Tree Decoration

If you love minimalism, you can decorate the Christmas tree with pearls. They are spherical balls covered with glossy paint in many brilliant colors such as: red, blue, yellow, purple... and have hooks to hang them on high. You know, the spherical pearl is meant to symbolize that strength and optimism.

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