Basic Items Everyone Should Have in Their Wardrobe


1 year ago

If you are looking to shape and build your own fashion style but don't know where to start, then you should invest in the most basic items so that you can easily coordinate many styles. While simple and inexpensive, these items are easy to wear, helping you rank up in style quickly. 

White T-shirt 

A white t-shirt is an indispensable item in your wardrobe. The white t-shirt has very high applicability and there are many ways to coordinate with white t-shirt to help you look simple but still very trendy. If you have a full neck, you can opt for white V-neck, heart-neck or crew-neck t-shirts to create a slimmer neck effect. 


Nothing elevates your style faster than wearing a nice blazer over it. You can start with simple blazers, basic colors like black, white or neutral colors. You can then try adding patterns with striking colors and patterns.

Long Jean

In the list of important items not to be missed, there are definitely long jeans. Jeans are considered an iconic item because they never go out of fashion, and can always be combined with many different outfits. You should invest in a pair of jeans that are simple, well-fitted and quality to be able to last.

Flared Skirt

Flared skirt brings gentle beauty, femininity for girls. With a spread skirt, it is not difficult to mix clothes with other outfits, this style of skirt is easy to mix with different styles of shirts from simple to textured or stylish and feminine. You can mix the flared skirt with a simple t-shirt, a shirt with a suitable pair of shoes and you have a perfect item.


Leggings can be said to be extremely convenient and comfortable pants. You can wear them with long skirts, mini skirts, dresses or wear them separately as a pair of pants. There are many styles you can wear with leggings, so don't miss it next time you shop. You will soon realize the comfort and versatility of these pants.

Hand Bag

Handbags can be considered as inseparable objects for girls. The convenience of this type of accessory is undeniable. With just a small beautiful handbag will help you look much more stylish. Moreover, you can also take advantage of this bag to put away the necessary items. Currently, there are many models of handbags with diverse designs, rich colors. Let's become fashion girls with bags!


The last item that will make you look more stylish are boots. If you are still not used to high boots, you can try with low neck boots. This is the item with the most mix & match formulas, you can choose to combine with midi skirts, long jeans or shorts. Wearing boots will help you look "genuine" much more.

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