Best Types Of Floor Lamps For Your Home


2 years ago

Let’s take a moment to talk about lighting. Great lighting can make a space, while bad lighting can make a room feel uninviting at best and completely impractical at worst. Most overhead lighting is designed to do the most with the least, a single ceiling sconce that tries to illuminate an entire space, for instance. While sometimes practical, relying solely on overhead lighting isn’t always advisable.

Floor lamps can easily replace or complement most overhead lighting, and they can help create a cozier, more versatile vibe. From modern torchieres (which are much nicer than the one you had in your college dorm room, we promise) to arc lamps that could become the primary lighting source for your living room or bedroom, there are tons of options out there.

Here, the best floor lamps for illuminating your space, no matter what your style is. You can save on floor lamps through coupons.

Vaxcel Lighting Luna Floor Lamp

The arc lamp is famously iconic, with a metal base that holds a vertical pole that dramatically arches over to provide task lighting beside a couch or behind a chair.

Most arc lamps are about style and don’t come with any features. But we found a multi-function arc.

Featuring patented Instalux technology, this LED floor lamp can be dimmed for the right light or mood and is motion-controlled, allowing you to turn lights on and off with just the wave of your hand.

And if you hold your hand under the sensor, you can adjust the brightness.

If that weren’t enough, the arching arm is completely adjustable, unlike many arc lamps.

The lamp has a heavy marble base so it won’t fall on you. You can check for offers on vaxcel lighting luna floor lamp for savings.

Swing Arm Floor Lamp

The swing arm floor lamp consists of a column base and a lampshade, just like the club lamp. However, a small adjustment is made to the upper part of the column base that allows this lamp to “swing” left or right as needed. The horizontal movement of this lamp makes it great to use above an accent chair or desk so you can direct light where it is needed!

Lepower Wood Tripod Floor Lamp

Wood floor lamps can warm up a space even when they’re not turned on, and this budget-friendly option from Amazon checks all the boxes. It’s affordable, functional, and adds some visual texture thanks to the linen shade and tripod construction.

While it's modeled after classic mid-century modern designs, it could work with industrial or even rustic decor. Assembly is easy and the lamp comes with an extra-long cord, so it can be placed pretty much anywhere. Plus, it has a foot switch that lets you switch it on or off hands-free. You can check for coupons on lepower wood tripod floor lamp for savings.

BHS Jute String Floor Lamp, Natural

Crafted from sustainable jute, BHS’s offering is both eco friendly and bohemian chic. The free-standing lamp/all-in-one shade gives off a softly diffused light, thanks to its intricate woven design. Gently curved, it creates a stylish statement, not to mention a relaxing zen-like vibe. With this one, it’s worth noting that the bulb sits in the center of the piece as opposed to the top, giving living spaces a different dynamic-suitably low-down for laid-back boho seating. We loved the jute string floor lamp for its ability to transform a room in an instant. It’s impossible not to relax with this one.

B&Q Shelved Matt Black Floor Lamp

We do love a piece of furniture with dual functionality, and this deftly designed number marries lighting with nifty shelf storage. Once illuminated, the black fabric drum shade really glows. It’s worth noting that you’ll get a different hue with either a warm or white bulb. 

The black steel tripod base supports two sturdy shelves, which we found ideal for housing our current reads and those specs we’re always losing, alongside a trailing house plant to really bring the piece to life. Stylish, contemporary, practical and affordable. Floor lamp coupons.

Big Bell Floor Lamp by Antonangeli

Many homeowners who have high ceilings—they are usually in the formal living room or in a double-height foyer—don’t know how to furnish their rooms to make their spaces more intimate.

Sofas, chairs, and coffee tables in the living room are usually low and near the ground. So you need proportion, which is why this high scale floor lamp is recommended as it can balance the room.

The aluminum Big Bell Floor Lamp has an adjustable height of 62.99” that goes all the way up to 102.36”. Now that’s a tall floor lamp!

And the anodized aluminum shade can be repositioned to where you most need light.

You can also have fun with the Big Bell by selecting different finishes.

Besides shiny aluminum, you can also try blue, bronze, glossy black, glossy white, and even bright colors such as orange, red and yellow.

Pharmacy Floor Lamp

The pharmacy floor lamp is similar to the down bridge in that it directs light downwards like a task lamp, however, it tends to be much more adjustable both vertically and horizontally. You can typically raise and lower them as needed and also swing the head back and forth to where you would like it.

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