Business Ideas to Make a Lot of Money on New Year's Eve


1 year ago

The Lunar New Year is one of the best business occasions of the year along with the rapidly growing consumer demand in all aspects of life. So what is the market trend in the near future? What are the best-selling and revenue-generating products in 2023? Find out with our right in the following article. 

Perfume, Beauty Cosmetics

In addition to colorful clothes, women often spend a lot to invest and beautify themselves in the first days of the new year. Therefore, the cosmetics and perfumery business are two of the best-selling items that you should not ignore. Here, we help you save more money on your purchase. This is the coupon for you, enjoy it.

These products need the seller to invest a decent amount of capital but have low risk because they have a long shelf life. However, it is advisable to choose products with clear brands and origins to create trust for customers as well as ensure safety for users.

Fresh Food

The demand for food consumption on new year holiday often increases rapidly, especially fresh food with the consumer's buying mentality. Fresh meats (pork, beef, goat, chicken, fish, ...) and vegetables (spinach, water spinach, lettuce, mushrooms, cucumber, chili, ...) are very popular during New Year holidays.

However, when trading these items, you should also pay attention to keeping the freshness and food safety and hygiene. At the same time, estimate the market's demand to ensure adequate supply, avoiding excess or shortage of goods.


Confectionery are indispensable items to bring a complete New Year season. Famous confectioneries in the market also often launch new products or extremely unique New Year packaging to stimulate the shopping needs of customers on this occasion.

Besides the confectionery sold outside the store, in recent years, handmade foods are also very popular with consumers. The advantage of handmade confectionery is that the ingredients are safe, the processing is careful, and the price is not too high.

Coffee, Tea

On the occasion of New Year, the market for drinks such as tea and coffee often increases sharply and becomes the hottest business item today. At, we always bring you many good deals to help you spend more economically.

There are many types of tea such as herbal tea, oolong tea, green tea, red tea, herbal tea, etc. You can go to production facilities to bulk import or buy from households specializing in planting. tea and processing to get cheaper prices.

There are two main types of coffee, instant coffee and ground coffee. However, you should prioritize the ground coffee business because instant coffee can be easily found in markets or supermarkets.

New Year's Decorations and Supplies

There are many New Year decoration items sold on the market such as colorful decorative strings, decorations for peach apricots, red paper for decorating banh chung, assorted fruits, tinsel, flashing lights, balls. fly,…

In addition, you can also trade in red envelopes - an indispensable item during New Year and can bring extremely high profits. However, in order to meet the demand for beauty and stimulate consumers to shop, you should choose unique and new red envelopes, catching up with trends on social networks.

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