Causes and Ways to Take Care of Hair to Avoid Damage


2 years ago

Hair damage is more than just split ends. When natural oils and moisture present in hair reduces, it results in the loss of this lipid layer, which causes the hair to become extremely porous. Dry and damaged hair develop cracks in the outside layer. Dry and damaged hair also look dull and frizzy and are very difficult to manage. Dry and damaged hair is one of the common causes that lead to baldness.

Washing hair too often, overexposure to the sun, use of hair-styling products, contact with chlorinated water and smoking are some of the reasons that contribute to dry and damaged hair. When your hair becomes completely dry and damaged, the outer cuticle lifts and becomes worn, and the overlapping cells no longer lie flat. It causes the shaft of hair to become fragile and prone to splitting, damage and breaking, and you can search for coupons on essential oils hair for savings. 

Using Too Much Hair Bleach

Bleach is used to remove your natural hair color from each strand. To do this, it makes your hair swell, allowing the bleach to reach the inner part of the strand. Here, it dissolves the melanin that gives your hair pigment.

This process can leave hair dry, porous, brittle, and fragile. The permanent changes in your hair structure can also make it less strong and elastic.

Rinse your hair with fresh water before going in the pool. This moisture may help prevent the chlorine from changing the color of your hair and drying out your strands.

Although any hydrating shampoo and conditioner should do, you can also use a specially formulated swim shampoo and conditioner.

Use almond oil. This sweet-smelling oil can help soften and strengthen your hair. Apply a dime-sized amount to the ends of your hair before drying to rehydrate the strands and decrease frizz.

High Temperature When Drying Hair

The hotter the temperature, the more damage you can do. Excessive heat can damage your hair regardless of where it’s coming from. Use the lowest heat setting on any product and limit the time the hot air

Heat-free drying may also be a good idea if you plan on styling with a flat iron or a curling iron. Experts recommend using heat tools no more than once a week.

Use coconut oil. This tropical oil is a beauty bombshell. A key benefit? The oil’s molecules are small enoughTrusted Source to penetrate the outer cuticle and hydrate from the inside out.

It can also help replenish the protective oils on the outside of your hair. These oils help guard against heat damage and breakage. You can also check for the Shampoo Essence Helps You Have a Beautiful Hair for further help.

Hair Dye

Chemical dyes can remove your hair’s natural moisture, quickly making smooth hair coarse to the touch.

Experts recommend choosing a dye within three shades of your natural color and opting for shades that are darker rather than lighter to limit damage. Unnatural colors are more difficult to maintain and have to be touched up more frequently.

Go to a professional. Salons can be expensive, but coloring is often best left to the professionals. A professional colorist knows how to use the correct products to minimize damage.

Use color-safe shampoo and conditioner. These products are formulated with the proper pH to prevent the hair shaft from swelling and allowing the dye to leak out. Your color will last longer, and your hair will look and feel better.

Use olive oil. This common cooking oil is also extremely popular in hair care. Oils have been shownTrusted Source to help rehydrate the hair and smooth the cuticle. Olive oil, in particular, is said to help soften the hair and replenish much needed moisture.

It’s also easy to work with and relatively inexpensive. Just be sure to wait a few days post-coloring before you do an olive oil treatment. You can also check for the Essential Oils That are Good for Your Hair for further help.

Understand Your Hair Type

Go to a professional if need be and find out if you have a combination scalp, an oily one or the one that is prone to dryness.

Accordingly, choose your hair products. Many people do not choose the correct shampoo and conditioner type for themselves.

Never wash your hair daily; experts suggest washing hair at least thrice a week and oiling at least two times a week.

Do not ignore dandruff. Use an anti-dandruff shampoo and alternate it with your regular shampoo till dandruff persists. You can save on shampoos through coupons.

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