Fashionable Women's Jean Shorts Today


1 year ago

Jean shorts are one of those outfits that can be worn all year round and are easy to match. On the market today, there are many models of women's jean shorts from domestic and international brands that are widely sold. But it is also because of the variety of colors and designs that make women wonder in choosing jean shorts, right?

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Choobe Women's Jean Shorts Slim High Waist QSJ01

The first impression when looking at this model of jean shorts is the torn hem on both sides . Thanks to the bear design that looks like it has just been torn, the pants become much more prominent, with a bit of street dust mixed with a bit of personality and sexy. 

In addition, the fabric is durable, beautiful, has little stretch and is dyed twice, which is also a factor that helps to limit the pants from being mushy or fading after a few washes. Whenever you go out with friends or go for a walk, you can also mix it with a long t-shirt or croptop which is also quite good. 

Korean Women's Chollima Flip Jean Shorts QS001

Jean cotton is known as a fabric with high durability, less wrinkles, less tearing and no ruffled hair after a long time of use. Besides, the ability to absorb sweat well also creates coolness for the fabric, so you will not feel secret or uncomfortable every time you wear this model. 

Not only that, cotton jeans also have a certain hardness to help the pants form well, the color dyed by Deep Wash technology has the ability to keep the color extremely well, avoiding fading after each wash. Pants have 3 colors from traditional denim blue to elegant jet black and unique gray for you to freely choose according to your preferences.

Aiori High Waist Jeans Shorts

If you like to wear short skirts, but are afraid to go out, then these jean shorts are for you. The fancy flared tube design looks like a skirt, both exuding a graceful and feminine look and showing a dynamic personality.

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BT Fashion Elastic Waist Jean Shorts

If you think high-waisted elastic pants will make you "stupid" every time you close the box, find these jean shorts immediately. The large elastic back not only helps you hide some flaws in your belly, but also creates a comfortable feeling for you. 

GOZ High Waist Women's Denim Shorts

Wide leg jeans are uniquely designed with two side zippers , so they look spacious and comfortable, and also create a highlight when worn with a T-shirt or a 2-string crop top.

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