Halloween Decoration for Your Window to Make it Spooky


1 year ago

The spooky season is right around the corner and you're likely already planning out your family Halloween costumes, making your scary Halloween movie lineup, and of course, preparing to haunt your block with the best Halloween porch decorations.

There are silhouettes, window clings, and much more to choose from. You will find Halloween themes like bats, monsters, spiders, ghosts, skeletons, and witches that will give you a haunted house look. These ideas are bound to delight your trick or treaters and be a perfect party backdrop for your Halloween party guests! Whether you are looking for vinyl, decals, stickers, or printable window decorations, there are tons of easy DIY Halloween decorations for inspiration. With the decorations below, you will surely have a spooky window on Halloween (don't forget to look for promotions before you shop).

Halloween Gel Window Clings

On the flip side, are you on the hunt for cute, non-scary decor for your little ones? Grab this six pack of decals featuring smiling pumpkins, ghosts, and more.

Shady Spiders Window Posters

These posters come with removable, two-sided adhesive, so you can easily stick them inside of your window frame. Let's hope to never see actual spiders this big, though.

Reaching Hands Wall Decor

Whether you put these creepy reaching hands-which come with command strips for mounting-on your walls or windows, there's no doubt they'll enhance any eerie ambiance.

Halloween Decorations

Attach these cute little battery-operated guys to your window with the included suction cups.

Friendly Ghost Sticker

Who says Halloween has to be scary? Just put this happy little ghost in your window for a day as sweet as candy.

Hitchhiking Ghosts Decal

Calling all Disney lovers: The hitchhiking ghosts from the Haunted Mansion are at your door.

Halloween Creepy Cloth

If you're not up to displaying wreaths and sticker decals this year, dress up windows with black gauze-the perfect backdrop for ornaments like skulls, spiders and bats.

Bloody Handprint Footprint Halloween Decorations

Want to be the scariest house on the block? These bloody hand and footprint decorations will definitely help you achieve the look.

Menacing Mummy Halloween Poster

You won't be able to get over how realistic the imagery on this poster is. Since you can trim it to fit your windows' exact measurements, it'll also work on nearly any surface.

Boo Decal

This cheeky "boo" decal is available in both an indoor matte vinyl or an outdoor-friendly vinyl. Though it can't be re-positioned or reused, it can easily be removed from whatever surface you decide to add it to.

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