How to Get More Customers to Buy Your Products During Black Friday


1 year ago

In today's increasingly fierce competition, customer attraction strategy always plays a decisive role in the survival of a store. Letting customers know is one thing, creating trust and making purchase decisions is another.

One of the main challenges for stores is attracting new customers. You need new customers to keep your business running and growing, but it can be resource-intensive and expensive.

Develop a Scalable Strategy and Set Clear Goals

The first step in developing a successful customer acquisition strategy is to set measurable and achievable goals. And to do that, you need data. Look at your current customers and pay attention to their spending habits and how they interact with your business. Use demographic and behavioral information to build customer profiles and identify similar audiences to target. Then, plan to reach those potential customers in the most effective interaction channel.

As you plan to acquire new customers and increase sales, make sure your new customer acquisition strategy can scale. Because you don't want the costs to be too high as your business grows. You should always focus on goals. Target an audience that the data shows will be interested in your product or service.

Implement Online Marketing Plans 

Product marketing is no longer strange to many businesses. However, developing these plans effectively is not easy. With the strong development of the Internet and technology today, the implementation of online marketing plans is more creative and convenient. At the same time help brands reach potential customers quickly.

Investing in Google ads and Facebook ads will help your brand reach anywhere. Thereby promoting business, increasing customer revenue while still saving costs. 

Offer the Right Kind of Discount

Customers are the key factor determining the success or failure of a store. In the current price storm, customers have a lot of choices for a certain product or service. Therefore, to answer the question "How to attract customers to the store", most shop owners choose a form of discount - a creative way to hit consumers' pockets to attract customers. more customers and it will also be the foundation to get a loyal customer base.

Improve Customer Service Quality

The next suggestion that Bizfly shares with you to attract customers effectively and professionally is to improve service quality. This is the first impression that customers notice when visiting the store. That impression stems from very small actions such as: dedicated advice, always smiling, thank you, ... 

Those behaviors have a great effect in attracting customers, building trust in the products of the business. Therefore, each enterprise should pay special attention to the issue of staff training. Administrators can refer to the training model of big brands to apply to the training process for employees.

Regularly Take Care of Old Customers

While it is essential to attract new customers, customer retention is equally important to the growth of a business, if not more. Once you've successfully attracted potential customers to buy, you'll want them to keep coming back for more. It's easier for you to sell to regular customers because they already know and trust your product and have made an emotional connection with your business. They also have a higher average order value. In fact, the top 1% of a brand's customers typically spend five times more than the other 99%.

Launch a loyalty program. If customers can earn bonus points for their purchases, they will be more motivated to buy from you more. And the referral discount program will also keep loyal customers coming back and recommending your brand to potential buyers. Word-of-mouth advertising has been proven to influence 50% of all purchases , so use a loyalty program to let customers become marketers on your behalf.

Because people trust consumers just like them, consumer influence can drive similar customers to your site. And if your existing customers praise you online, you can share that content on your website and social channels as well.

When you focus on customer acquisition strategy and host customers right where they are with effective content, you can find and engage interested customers. And loyalty programs and personalized messages can ensure those customers stay engaged, and your business grows.

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