List of Children's Favorite Candy on Halloween


1 year ago

Halloween is serious business. For retailers, for candy brands, and, perhaps most of all, for millions of kids.

So here’s a good question: What one Halloween treat and/or candy brand are trick - or - treaters hoping to bag when they make their rounds. (don't forget to look for promotions before you shop).

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

Not only is it the greatest candy out there, it's also one of the greatest snacks, period, the perfect alchemy of peanut butter and chocolate. And it's so, so versatile... especially at Halloween.

Are you devouring the mini, with its jagged chocolate edges? The medium - cup, in all its one-biteable glory? Or the pumpkin, which serves as a vessel to get as much sugary peanut butter in your mouth as possible? It's your lucky day: there's no way to go wrong eating a Reese's.


It's the closest your Halloween bag's gonna come to having a sandwich inside, and let's be honest: milk chocolate and sugary wafers are way better than a tiny tuna on rye, especially after they've been sitting in a pillowcase for a few hours. Plus, the two - by - two snack-size KitKat acts as an adorable accessory for your Hacksaw Jim Duggan costume.


Another in the pantheon of candy-based chemistry, Starbursts come in so many flavors, the permutations among flavor combinations are almost endless. Until you get a little pack with two lemons in it - a cruel twist of fate that happens all too often. Pink Starbursts are the best, but at least the other flavors aren't too far off.

Flavored Tootsie Rolls

Go ahead and call this a garbage take, preferably while pelting me with these, the absolute most underrated treat in the bag. These things seem to only exist during Halloween or in your grandma's candy dish but, damn it, they offer the chance to do some great alchemy. Pop a vanilla and an orange in your mouth? Creamsicle. A lemon and a lime? Sprite candy. Eat them all at once? You're a crazy person. We should hang out.


The Swiss Army knife of candy, Twizzlers are not only delicious in their artificial strawberry glory, are also an excellent solution to drinking in a post-plastic straw era. They're also excellent whips and work as ropes. MacGyver didn't invent these. But at one point, I'm pretty sure he used them to siphon gas and suture a wound. But not in that order. 


Skittles would be way higher on this list if I could forget that time I put a whole bag in my mouth and cut the insides of my cheeks on all the sugar shrapnel that exploded everywhere. On the other hand, getting Skittles directly into your bloodstream is kind of amazing.


Nerds are just little crunchy sugar boogers with a slight hint of fruit flavor, but they sadly don't come in flavor combo packs at Halloween. Dump random flavors in your mouth and hope for the best. If Nerds Ropes were passed out during Halloween, this would be an entirely different ranking. 


Nobody claims to love Whoppers. Yet they can’t stop once they’ve had one, probably because the weird textural transformation that happens when saliva hits the malt is the closest we can get to opening an old-school soda jerk in our mouths.

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