Romantic Valentine's Day Proposal Ideas!


1 year ago

Valentine - February 14 is a special day to propose to her. There is nothing more meaningful than proposing on this day. Valentine's Day is also a day to mark the couple's love entering a new stage, opening a promise with a hundred-year-old lover. A girl will feel extremely happy when the person she loves has done a wonderful thing for her.

Proposal Ring

The Proposer can't forget an important gift. The gift is the perfect engagement ring for the girl who will hold hands for the rest of her life. Proposal rings help you express your sincere love and desire for a hundred-year relationship. You choose and give the girl you love a beautiful, perfect ring that will make her understand that you have given her precious things. This comes from love and wants to give her the best in the future.

Proposal With A Puppy

Proposing with a dog is a great idea for a girl who loves animals. She will be happy to tears if one fine day you hold a small dog in your arms with the words "Will you marry me?". Or if she is a cat lover, you can put the proposal ring in your lovely cat's necklace to give her. The cuteness of your dog and cat friends will make her more easily fall in love.


Another sweet  proposal idea  for you but very simple and easy to do. You can put a ring inside the chocolate and give it to her on some occasion. Her surprise is a good sign for your  proposal .

Double Travel

During a trip between two people, you surprise her with a  unique proposal that  will make her extremely surprised and touched by you. The secret to this  unique  method of proposal is that you need to choose a reasonable, romantic location and your plan must be clear.

Pretending to forget your anniversary or special day and your partner and surprise them with a  unique  proposal is also a good idea for you.

It sounds a bit old, but this is a  unique  and romantic way to propose, it is important whether your plan is creative enough or not. Try to rely on what you both have been through or what it means to your partner. If you know how to combine them, the  unique  proposal will be very successful and meaningful for both of you.

Proposal Gift Box

First, write a touching proposal letter to her. Then roll this letter up and put it in a balloon. Put this balloon in the gift box, don't forget the words "pop me". When she kicks this ball out, she will see a very romantic letter, when she finishes reading the letter, show the ring. It is impossible to refuse this sweet proposal.

Proposing in Crowded Places

If you and the girl are not shy in front of the crowd. Many girls also like that their guy will use his feelings to propose to her in front of many people. It is also proof of the boy's boundless love for her. You can choose a public place, a park, a walking street, a beautiful view bridge, ..

Proposal With The Idea of ​​"Countdown"

In the days near Valentine, let's start a countdown game. Give her a gift every day. Think of the meaning when pairing gifts is a marriage proposal or a meaningful saying. You can be more creative to make the gifts really special.

On February 14, pulled her into the emotional rush for the official proposal.

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