Stylized Styles for Your Desk Space


1 year ago

Whether you work from home or have carved out a space for something you love like crafting, reading, or writing, your home office is a place that should inspire the flow of creativity and allow you to get down to business. But often, that's not the case. In fact, home offices can be the most neglected spaces in our homes-messy and unfriendly environments for inspiration, driving us to work anywhere but in the actual office, like the couch, or kitchen, or bed.

To help you create and update your own inspiring space, we asked experts-from designers to bloggers and editors-for their advice on the best home office updates and small home office ideas that will make you want to buckle down and get to work. Click to get desk Coupons, Promo Codes.

Invest In Ergonomic Chair

If possible, invest in an ergonomic chair that will provide comfort while working throughout the day. This way, even when it’s time to sit down for work, there won’t be any aches and pains associated with doing so! Check for discounts on an ergonomic chair for savings.

A Desk Lamp

Despite my wanting to work a solid 9am to 5pm, let’s face it; sometimes I start at 11am and am still tapping the keyboard at 7pm. That means a good desk lamp is a must. You don’t just want the light coming off your computer screen, and overheads can be so full-on. You want to create some mood, but make it workable.

It’s wise to choose a desk lamp with a theme in mind. Always think big picture because you might be working from home for a while. You don’t want to buy random products and not have them go together or suit the theme of your home. So consider if your style is luxe, mid century, coastal etc, and choose a lamp that suits.

While lamps with shades are divine, as are exposed bulb varieties (we have a full table lamp roundup here if you need), for a home office desk you want to avoid these two varieties. The shaded lamps are likely not to give off enough light and the exposed bulb ones are most certainly going to shine in your eyes. Not cute on the retinas. Best desk lamp coupons for you.

Some Stunning Stationery

I’ve never met a notepad I haven’t liked. I’ve never discovered a to-do list I’ve not fallen hard for. These stationery packs are so affordable and they really make me feel more productive. Whether I actually am or not is a different story, but it’s nice to jot down things you want to achieve in a day and tick them off at the end.

If you have a drawer in your desk than you can pop all of these items away at the end of the day. But if you buy a pack that works with the vibe of your lamp, candle, plant pot and art, then it becomes an everyday item you can proudly showcase in your home office desk styling arrangement.

A Plant or Vase of Flowers

You need to have a vignette on your home office desk (if you’re confused, I explain what a vignette is here). Even the smallest of desks should have space for a little decor moment. Use a small tray if you have the room and house three items on it that combine functional items and some purely for looks. If the desk is quite small, downsize your decor accordingly.

A plant or vase of flowers falls into the latter category. They aren’t going to help you get that report done, but I like to think they’re mood boosting. Make the plant or flower the largest item in your three-piece vignette, and then have two smaller items in the mix, which I’ll expand on in a second.

Now, you know I love me some fake plants, so if the conditions aren’t right for something real or you’re not that good at looking after greenery (guilty as charged!), then try a fake variety.

Consider Hobbies Be Creative

Display items from hobbies outside of work, such as a guitar if you enjoy playing, to make your desk feel more like home. If you have a small space or office, use wall organizers and other vertical storage units for maximum efficiency.

Keep anything that will help inspire creativity near the area where you work. It might include art supplies, innovative authors’ favorite books, or even quotes from famous people whose lives were changed thanks to their creative thinking. Finally, don’t forget about desktop backgrounds! It’s easy enough to change these weekly with our themes, so it never gets boring at your workplace. Check for coupons on wall organizers for savings.

Let Light in

Stay connected to the great outdoors. Natural light makes a space feel bigger-which is always a plus in a small space. For my home office I actually used fogged window film on all the windows so I could always have the blinds up. This allows enough light to feed the plants in the room and keep them, as well as myself, lively! And when you feel alive, you're always more efficient.

Find the Rug

Ground your space with a colorful area rug-for visual interest and soothing sound-absorption. The multi-colored rug brings in other colors that accent the peach and green nicely, too. But you could also do a neutral gray rug with this color combo. Keep the furniture simple and clean to make it more sleek, and then add in some green foliage to give the room some texture!

Hang a Gallery Wall

It's your space-crowded with what you love. Style a gallery wall against a neutral wall. You can arrange them on the floor first, moving the prints around until you achieve the harmonious look that you want. Use removable wall strips to hold your prints up. This allows for the flexibility of changing the look of the wall. You can save on photo frames coupons.

Optimize Your Space

Organization is key-use every trick in the book. Nobody works well in a messy home office. Don't waste an ounce of space by tucking printers, filing, etc into corners and in drawers. Use all your vertical space, too, by putting cabinets up to the ceiling with varying types of storage and a wall hanging pin board to help organize supplies that might otherwise end up shoved in a drawer.

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