The Most Romantic Destinations in The World for Valentine's Day


1 year ago

Red Valentine is a Valentine's Day of Western origin. Besides love gifts, this is also an occasion for many people to choose for themselves and their loved ones a complete and meaningful holiday.

"Where should Valentine's go to travel?" This is a question that many people have to think about to prepare for the upcoming Valentine's Day. A fun and romantic trip will create a strong relationship for the two in the future.

Venice, Italy

Italian is the language of love, Italy is also the country of romance. In particular, Venice is always the name that appears at the top of the most romantic cities in the world.

In addition to the enchanting ancient scenery from the old buildings and squares, your trip will become a memorable memory with the experience of floating on a Gondola boat through the canals across the city, getting lost in the middle of the river. Old town with restaurants selling beautiful souvenirs or stopping at equally romantic cafes...

Paris, France

Paris, France is always the dream destination of many couples. The Eiffel Tower is seen by everyone as a proof of love. Many people have chosen to confess or propose with the Eiffel Tower as witness. Besides, "the capital of light" also has countless romantic places that every couple dreams of holding hands for a walk.

Santorini, Greece

Santorini with white houses in the red sunset is a beautiful scene that any couple wants to see once in their life.

Below is the turquoise sea water, in the distance is a blue-domed church, casting a shadow over an ancient crater that has ceased to function... Santorini's beauty makes it a favorite spot for couples. choose for your honeymoon. The restaurants in Santorini have diverse views, offering lovers the opportunity to enjoy the famous Mediterranean cuisine with wine, scented candles and roses. You can also catch a beautiful sunset from the ruins of a Byzantine castle and the Akrotiri lighthouse.

Cayo Espanto - Belize

Cayo Espanto, an island chalet-style resort, promises a romantic Valentine's Day break. Here, there are only seven villas on the island and the rooms have butlers and staff. Also, this resort island is one of the more accessible from the mainland US and Canada

Andaz Maui at Wailea Resort - Hawaii, USA

Hawaii is one of the most famously romantic places. It has beautiful weather, breathtaking island views and a great atmosphere.

Andaz Maui at Wailea Resort offers all the top luxury services. In particular, this location makes it easy to get a romantic sunset on the beach.

Positano, Italy

One more destination in Italy that must be included in this list: the coastal city of Positano.

Located on the Amalfi coast, Positano captivates visitors by its ancient stone buildings that cast shadows on the beach, winding roads hugging the cliffs, and romantic beaches with typical Mediterranean blue waters. Not to mention the absolutely romantic sunsets, luxury resorts, and fine dining restaurants.

Positano is the perfect choice for couples who love nostalgic romance, because the city has strict building regulations that make its beauty almost unchanged for more than a century. The pace of life here is also extremely peaceful and relaxing. What more could you want for your Valentine's Day?


Amanpulo is a dreamy and romantic destination for a great Valentine's break. Surrounding the resort are fine white sand beaches, green palm trees and outstanding blue water.

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