What Day Is Black Friday? Why Is Black Friday A Sale Day


2 years ago

For those who like to buy goods at a discount, it is definitely not possible to ignore "Black Friday". So what is "Black Friday"? Why is "Black Friday" a discount festival? Let's find out with us through the following article!

Black Friday là gì? Làm sao để sắm đồ giá tốt vào ngày này?

What is "Black Friday"?

Black Friday is often referred to as "Black Friday" or "Black Friday". This is the fourth Friday of November, one day after Thanksgiving each year. Although the name "Black Friday" sounds very scary, it is actually a day with a positive meaning and can bring a lot of joy to shopaholics because this is the opening day for the chain. Busy and bustling shopping day of Americans. This year, "Black Friday" (Black Friday) falls on November 26, 2021 and this is a golden shopping opportunity that you should not miss.

Why is "Black Friday" a discount festival?

Referring to the origin of "Black Friday", there are quite a few theories that have been proposed, of which two are the most agreed upon:

The first hypothesis: The reason it is called "Black Friday" because in the past, stores used to use black pens to record profits, and red to record losses and deficits. The more black in the books, the more profitable that store is. So the word "Black" (black) refers to profit and Black Friday means that this is a Friday inundated with profits.

In addition, another theory is that Black Friday began to be mentioned in 1939, when Franklin D. Roosevelt - the 32nd president of the United States was under pressure to move Thanksgiving to the last Thursday. together to become a 4th Thursday in November, the main purpose of which is to extend the Christmas shopping season. When the shopping season lasts, people will spend more and of course the economy that is in crisis at that time will receive a much-needed boost. That is the idea that formed the birth of Black Friday.

On this occasion, the shopping demand of the people has increased greatly due to the preparation for Christmas and New Year, countless stores and business units in the US have launched promotions and reduced prices. Busy to attract customers. Since then, this event has been repeated every year and is known as "Black Friday".

In recent years, the Black Friday sale effect has begun to spread to many other European and Asian countries, including Vietnam. Many consumers have saved up all year waiting to shop for the "Black Friday" sale. Because on this day, almost every item has the lowest price from 10 - 30%, even many brands have a sharp discount from 70 - 75%.

To have a successful shopping day, "close" with many promotions and huge discounts, you should also pocket yourself some essential tips, namely:

Regularly monitor promotional information at sales pages, shopping applications that you often use.
Then, make a list of Black Friday sale items that you need to buy, avoiding the situation of falling into unnecessary items.
Read carefully about the product you intend to buy, compare prices between websites, stores... to assess the difference and choose a reliable buying address.
Prepare a variety of payment methods, including cash payment, payment via bank card... to avoid problems in the payment process that make you miss the item you want to buy.
Invite friends and relatives to buy together to increase your chances of hunting for "bargain" goods, and at the same time can reduce shipping costs quite a bit.

Through this article, you must have understood what "Black Friday" is and why this is a discount festival, right? Be prepared to be able to buy a lot of useful items for you this day! Don't forget to regularly visit Couponreals.com to update more information about the upcoming Black Friday sale.

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