Special Memorial Day Activities Your Family Can Do Together


1 year ago

Memorial Day weekend is synonymous with the official start of summer. But this year, on May 29, it's important that we all stop and acknowledge the true significance of Memorial Day, which is to honor and remember the soldiers who lost their lives while serving or due to injuries they received while in combat.
In addition to posting patriotic quotes on social media and hanging the American flag outside your home, there are various Memorial Day activities you and the family can do together. And luckily, many of them happen locally, regardless of where you live.

Donate flowers for soldiers' graves

Even if your weekend is full of family fun, make sure you still pay your respects to the fallen troops with a donation to Memorial Day Flowers, a national foundation that places a flower on the graves of soldiers. A small donation of $5, for example, honors five soldiers with a red rose in front of their headstone.

Take a tour of a National Park

Over 400 national park sites exist in the U.S. and each of them offer a unique look at America. Plan a tour of your nearest national park and discover the history of these landmarks.

Help build a home for a veteran

With a donation to Building Homes for Heroes, you can help house an injured veteran. The organization builds and modifies homes for veterans, allowing them and their families to live mortgage-free.

Shop at a veteran-owned business

If you're planning on eating out or shopping on Memorial Day, consider visiting businesses owned and operated by veterans or military families. Click here to find a master list of veteran-owned businesses, covering everything from hardware stores to fine dining.

Take a virtual tour of the White House

Even if you're not able to travel to the nation's capital this year, you can take a tour of the White House from the comfort of your living room. Head to Google Arts & Culture for a virtual tour of the historic home, complete with facts about its architecture and important events that took place in each room.

Clip coupons

You know all of those coupons that come tucked inside your Sunday paper? Clip 'em even if they're expired, and mail them to a military base associated with the CouponReals Program. Current soldiers can use coupons up to six months after their expiration date at military commissaries, allowing them to save money to support their families.

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