Best Books to Read on a Black Friday


1 year ago

Reading is an extremely elegant and useful hobby for mankind. Readers feel like conversing with the most brilliant minds of the centuries gone by. Be led on journeys to strange lands, discover many cultures and absorb new knowledge through the pages of books. When you need to find a mentor or have difficulties in life, books are also a confidant to listen and encourage you.

Looking for the best Black Friday book deals for 2022? You’re in the right place! Whether you’re looking to pick up books or bookish items for yourself or to give as gifts, these Black Friday deals for book lovers will help you to get everything for a steal!

However, choosing the right books to stick with is not an overnight thing. If you're looking for a good book or haven't found a book you're interested in, then you should refer to the good books to read in your life below.

How to Win Friends and Influence People

How to Win Friends and Influence People is known as the  best, most famous, best-selling  and most influential book of all time, How to Win Friends and Influence People Dale Carnegie is a good book to read for you to know. about the art of winning people's hearts and making everyone love you.

This book also highlights the principles in dealing with people very wisely starting from understanding, being honest with yourself as well as suggesting to readers how to care about those around them to let's integrate, develop our own and everyone's abilities to a new level.

Those who have read  How to Win Friends and Influence People  can also feel a spirit of transparency that the author wants to express in this good book. That is the word " ring ". If you have the word " ring ", everything will be changed to see in a different direction where life will become a green hope forever.

Don Quixote

Opening the list of best-selling books in the world is a classic novel by writer Miguel de Cervantes - Don Quixote. The work was first published in 1605 and is considered one of the great novels and most influential in Spanish and Western literature. The content of the book tells about the paranoid aristocrat Quixada, who is obsessed with popular chivalric novels and changes his name to the knight Don Quixote of Mancha to set out to eliminate evil. Having fought many battles with his imaginary enemies, he was finally exhausted, grieving, and realizing the futility of fabricated adventures.

This is a work born in the Renaissance period with the aim of criticizing feudalism and the blind knight ideal. Although the content is outdated, the work still has profound humanitarian values ‚Äč‚Äčabout equal rights, freedom, criticism of luxury, honor and plagiarism.

To date, the book "Don Quixote" has sold more than 500 million official copies and occupies the first place on the list of best-selling books of all time.

The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho

A simple story about a shepherd boy who dreams of fateful adventures, encounters a fortune-teller with special powers, and then his journey from dream to reality. guy on a trip to find the legendary treasure.

Also in his journey to find the treasure, he encountered many difficulties and challenges, but as the author said,  life has its own way to test a person's will, maybe let things happen. all at once or nothing at all .

So, to achieve happiness even in the most difficult times, you must let your heart be in tune with the common rhythm of the spirit of the universe. Accept the challenges God  has given  you so you can grow.

And most of all, live life to the fullest in this very moment, today while you still can.  Be brave. Be willing to take risks. Nothing can replace the experience.

The Universe in a Chestnut Shell – Stephen Hawking

This is Stephen Hawking's second book - the first is A Brief History of Time. While reading this book, the blockbuster Fast and Furious 8 is also storming the cinemas, but the science story of a genius scientist with a disability has captivated all of my mind.

Stephen Hawking is the greatest living theoretical physicist. His life is a legend and has been adapted into the movie The Theory of Everything.

Drawing from experience, in the book Universe in a Chestnut Shell - an extension of A Brief History of Time, the author presented in the form of a tree: chapters 1 and 2 form the trunk for the following chapters to branch out - chapters 1 and 2 highlights the main issues of the book for the general reader to grasp, the following chapters will help readers understand more deeply and there is a relative independence between the chapters.

The Alchemist  by Paulo Coelho

The Alchemist is one of the best books to read by author Paulo Coelho. No wonder this is one of the bestsellers at bookstores .

The content of the book is about a smiling shepherd boy who dreams of adventures. He accidentally met a fortune teller with special abilities and from there his journey began to be realized.

The once upon a time shepherd boy had given up on the familiar, starting to act on what he wanted in an unpredictable future. The story begins with him being cheated of all his assets, which are his sheep.

He wandered to a remote town, worked for a small shop for a year and barely made it through the day. The familiar image used to be simple, but many young people are stuck in it. After graduating from school, they went to work with a salary of 3 piles of 3 dong without any surplus.

And then he met the alchemist who helped him find the treasure of his life. This god has the ability to predict his future and then everything turns out as he predicted. But you have to go through the bitterness to get the sweet fruit. The shepherd boy finally found the treasure through a bandit.

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