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1 year ago

Whether you're on a European city vacation or an Antarctic expedition, a well-packed bag can make or break a trip. For a little stress in cramming that suitcase, we've picked helpful guides from our book, How to Pack for Any Trip, to help you pack the right kind of trip.

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The elements will be both a marvel and a maverick force. Often finding yourself miles from shelters and civilizations, you'll need to bring protective gear. Advances in walking shoe design mean that hiking hiking boots may not be necessary, but a case or jacket dries quickly, and wind and rain will. Large plastic lined bags, ziplock bags of different sizes and/or waterproof lining bags will help keep the set dry.

          ✔ Base layer: a high, close and possibly bottom suction. Merino wool is  warmest and requires less frequent washing.

          ✔ Middle layer: fleece or similar on top; Quick-drying walking pants at the bottom.

          ✔ Outer layer: a breathable windproof/waterproof jacket and pants.

          ✔ Extra Warm Layer: A down jacket for night use can be mentally lifted, and added comfort on cold wet days.

Rainforest Expedition

Packing for protection in the tropics is paramount. You are most likely the mode of transport to explore this part of the world to be exposed: canoe, kayak, jeep and your two feet. It's hot, but you'll need to cover up.

          ✔ Shoulder burden: a backpack is definitely best for this terrain.

          ✔ Quick-drying: the tropics can cool down at night so you'll need layers, but make sure they're made of quick-drying material (not cotton) or you'll end up contaminated and cold.

          ✔ Snoring and scratching: insect repellents containing DEET (diethyltoluamide) and anti-itch ointments are must-haves.

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South Pole

You're going can be there for a while. But, in fact, as most Antarctica trips are cruises, much of your southern exposure is likely to happen in the comfort of a well-equipped ship, with cruises. Short excursions by motorboat and on foot. As such, those in Antarctica do not require large amounts of specialized equipment. It's worth investing in a decent pair of waterproof insulated boots, though.

          ✔ Parka Life: most Antarctic ships offer a take-home parka jacket for each passenger, so leave the life jacket down full of hulking at home.

          ✔ Relax: Antarctic cruises are usually casual, so you don't need that ball gown. Each operator has different dress codes and offers, however, so read up before you travel.

          ✔ Best case: pack the best pair of binoculars you can afford and a camera with a good zoom, unless you don't want to see anything but the occasional blob of fins.

Around The World

How to fit a kit for two hemispheres into one bag? Doing so is key to successfully packing for a true RTW ride. Consider what you can ditch as much as what is needed. If you need a heavy trekking boot and jacket in New Zealand or South America at first, but won't use it again as you travel across the South Pacific/Asia, consider sending content home when it becomes superfluous. .

          ✔ Pull the rope: you can use a bungee cord or parachute to tie things to the outside of your package, create a line to dry clothes, or strap your bag to the roof of the bus.

          ✔ Plug it in: doesn't your roommate snore like a howling monkey? Pack earplugs. These will also serve you well when bed down for that long airport layover, or during that clattering of long distance train journeys.

          ✔ Travel trio: lucky recipe for light packers has three. Namely three pairs of socks, three pairs of underwear and three shirts; one to wear, one to wash, one to dry.

Cool City of Culture

While perhaps not so culturally alien, this destination still requires careful suitcase strategy. Many of the essentials will be digital. Want to hotfoot it on the town to bag that gold-dust restaurant reservation/show ticket/cheap hotel room? Then download interactive offline maps or wi-fi access apps without roaming charges. And while the setting may be hot, the weather may not. Layers are key to a comfortable and stylish look.

          ✔ Comfortable shoes: Your kicks should be stylish but should also sit happily on your feet while pounding miles of pavement.

          ✔ Sunglasses: it may not always be sunny, but life in the city, from the glare of the morning after that glorious check-in moment at the hotel, demands glossy shades .

          ✔ Cashmere jumper: This softie packs down to almost nothing and is the perfect protection against intense summer air in hotels and on airplanes.

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