Ideas to Choose Spooky Halloween Decorations You Can Buy on Amazon


1 year ago

Part of the allure of Halloween is that it's all about excess: Way too much Halloween candy, elaborate costumes, lots of scares and Halloween puns, lots of fun decorations for your home and yard! Don't be the only lame house on the block this Halloween.

Whether you're looking to give your neighbors a good fright or keep it PG, we've got tons of decoration ideas. If you're feeling crafty check out these printable decorations, pumpkin painting ideas or DIY Halloween door decorations.

In fact, Amazon is a great place to find a plethora of Halloween decorations, from the scary to the sublime. With so many options, the only hard part is deciding which decorations you can't live without. (don't forget to look for promotions before you shop).


Heed our warning: Don’t wait until the last minute to buy your Halloween decorations, because the coolest, creepiest ones will sell out fast! And you’ll definitely want at least a few new items to transform your home into a haunted house this year. After all, what is Halloween without witches, ghosts, vampires, and the season’s other spookiest monsters? Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up the best Amazon Halloween decorations, whether you’re looking for indoor ambiance or outdoor decorations your neighbors will envy.

Color Changing Lights

Cast an enchanted glow across your yard using color changing flood lights. More effective than a basic rotating light show, the remote controls all 16 color options, including black and orange, in strobe and other effects.

Spooky Spider Web

Enter if you dare! Make visitors duck under a creepy crawly spider web on their way inside. Or, for an instant haunted house, stretch it across a mirror and drape your furniture in white sheets.

An Alarming Zombie

Is it even an outdoor graveyard scene without a zombie erupting out of the ground? Up the realism by placing this guy over a pile of dirt or mound of leaves. Did “zombie” make the list of the most popular Halloween costumes the year you were born?

Witches Cauldron Serving Bowls on Rack

You can do better than serving up your Halloween party appetizers in regular bowls! Assemble this 11inch tall rack and hang three plastic cauldrons filled with candy or dips from the included S hooks.

Halloween Snow Globe Candle

Available in three different Halloween themed colors and patterns, the glitter inside this spooky candle swirls and glows when it's turned on.

Halloween Maple Wreath

Deck out your door with a festive black and orange wreath; this one is subtle enough that you can keep it up all October long.

Hanging Ghost

Coming in at almost 14 feet tall, this hanging ghost leans into the extravagance that Halloween is known for. You can fix it to a tree, balcony or front porch (or anywhere, really).

Terrifying Tombstones

A front-lawn graveyard screams Halloween fun house. And unlike the funniest real-life tombstones, these foam, faux stone tombstones give your yard a morbid makeover.

Glass Pumpkins

Choose classic over chilling by ordering a few of these gorgeous mercury glass pumpkins. They come in three distinct shapes that shimmer in the daytime and glow at night, thanks to the set it and forget it auto timer. By the way, this is why we carve pumpkins on Halloween.

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