Modern Christmas Table Setting Ideas


1 year ago

Decorating a beautiful and attractive Christmas table will help your small family party bring the full meaning of the good Christmas holiday. Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus.

Moreover, this is also an opportunity for family members to sit together, share about the past year and prepare to welcome the New Year. Talking about Christmas day decorations, not only limited to the pine tree, gifts, or cave, but you also need to pay attention to the kitchen, bedroom and dinner table. In fact, the dining table is the best place to decorate. With the theme of Christmas, find out the most beautiful and simple dining table arrangement ideas, harmonious colors to make guests feel at home

Traditional Style

The traditional-style dining table decoration stands out with the red color of the tablecloth, lots of small cups and candles . In addition, you can add some decorative items in gold, white, and ton-sur-ton bronze to make the dining table more lively.

Rustic Style

Rustic style gives the Christmas dinner table a fresh, casual atmosphere. Decorating the dining table in this style is very easy, you can reuse old utensils and combine them together in an improvised way. Different from the traditional dining table decoration using red as the main color, the style allows you to break away with black and white checkered tablecloths, blue glass cups in the same color as pine leaves.

Decorate the Dining Table with Modern Style

A dining table decorated in modern style is a trending idea that you should try right away. You do not need to rigidly use pine needles to create a Christmas atmosphere, you can use other green leaves to decorate. Using striking copper-colored cutlery and cups on white porcelain plates gives the dining space a simple and elegant feeling.

Use Wine to Make the Table More Luxurious

Wine has long been likened to the "lover" of dishes originating from Western Europe (where Christmas originated). The Christmas party will be much more luxurious if there are glasses of noble wine. The combination of fine drinks in a cozy, ancient space like a European wine cellar will bring your family a wonderful and peaceful Christmas experience.

Cherry Cupcakes

Choose these cute cakes to make desserts for the Christmas Eve menu. Order the cakes with your favorite flavor and prepare a sufficient amount of cherry jam. To save money and get cute cakes, you can order separately or divide the jam evenly into each cake.

Classic Christmas Wooden Table Decoration

I thought wooden banquet tables were an old idea, but they are not old at all. If you know how to decorate a wooden table with beautiful small items, symbols of Christmas such as snowflakes, pine trees, pearls ... will create an extremely trendy dining table space.

Decorate the Christmas Table with Candles and Red Flowers

Candles and flowers are always items to decorate the table to increase the romance and shimmer. This Christmas, choose this combination to make the dinner more wonderful. Accordingly, on the dominant red background of candles and flowers, you can combine a few small green pine branches, or a few glasses of silver wine to highlight the holiday space more.

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