Potential Drop Shipping Items for Black Friday


1 year ago

Buckle up, as the last quarter of the year is fast approaching, we are ready to welcome Black Friday!  As the most anticipated year-end eCommerce sale.

Black Friday has grown into one of, if not the most significant online shopping events throughout the year. On this day, loads of people are looking to snatch some discounted products off of the web.

It is a day of opportunity for shoppers, but maybe even more for you as an online store owner!

False Eyelashes

Long, curled black eyelashes have always been the top beauty standard of women for generations, so it is not surprising that women often "keep" in their pockets with false eyelashes of all sizes. and styles, from short to long, from thick to thin. This product is very easy to market, because the makeup effect of false eyelashes will be shown directly on the photo/video you post. At the same time, they also attract the attention of many potential customers.

Anti-Aging Cream

It is no exaggeration to say that aging is the number one nightmare for women. As long as they can avoid that nightmare, women are willing to spend a fortune on skincare products. So for years to come, anti-aging creams will always be at the top of your must-buy list of skin care products – retailers don't miss this goldmine!

Fryer Without Oil

Since its launch in 2019, in the midst of the Covid epidemic, the oil-free fryer has "swept" throughout the online community, even being jokingly called the "invention of the century" due to possessing so many advantages. This type of fryer responds well to healthy diets, limiting grease, helping users protect their health and their families, and the cooking process is quick and easy to clean after cooking.

Therefore, smart housewives have been hunting for this product in recent years. The development potential of this market is still quite good, you just need to prepare a right marketing strategy.

Air Purifier

As a device used to filter dirt, mold, allergens, pathogens, etc. and keep the indoor air clean, this machine is increasingly being sought by more and more families. Especially in the current situation of increasing environmental pollution, air purifiers become even more useful. Compared with other small and medium household products, this product also gives you better profit per order.

Clothing and Fashion Accessories

Results from many market research tools, most notably Google Trends, show that drop shipping of clothes and fashion accessories has been very active for many years now, and shows no signs of slowing down in the coming years. . That is of course, because human nature is to love beauty!

The secret to success in this industry is to understand the audience you are targeting – office workers or pregnant women, teenagers or children, men or women, etc., and then choose products. Fit.


Although most games today have versions that can be played with a mouse and keyboard, the feeling of playing with a controller with custom buttons and joystick is sometimes still much more "pressurized" for gamers. If you are going to be in the business of gaming accessories, surely you cannot ignore the item that is loved by so many true gamers.


Night light - a magical "mood" tool that makes the bedroom space more fanciful and romantic, bringing the owner to a more peaceful sleep. There are many unique night lights on the international market that have not been brought into the local market, why not try to bridge them and turn them into a new trend?

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