Tips for Choosing a Coffee Machine to Make a Delicious Cup of Coffee


2 years ago

Good coffee needs to have a natural, seductive, passionate aroma that melts evenly on the tongue. Has a rich taste such as bitter sweet and sour, the sweetness will be left on the tip of the tongue after enjoying.

The delicious elements of coffee depend on the type of coffee maker, machine pump pressure, water temperature, extraction time, type of coffee and coffee powder size...

Wattage Capacity

Serving capacity affects the life of the machine, so you need to choose the right model for the size of the shop.

If the size of the restaurant you serve is less than 50 cups / day, then you can choose an office machine that is suitable. If over 50 cups/day, only the industrial chain can meet that demand. So you need to consider before choosing and take advantage of coupons so you can buy yourself delicious coffees for cheap

Because the service capacity affects the life of the machine. If you force it to serve more than its rated capacity, it will soon cause damage, breakdowns and malfunctions.

For 2-output coffee machines, they usually have a capacity of 3,000 - 4,000W, while a 1-output machine has a capacity of only 1,200 - 1,600W.

Number of Nozzles of The Machine

The coffee shop serves a relatively large number of customers, so it needs a machine with at least 2 shops to increase its ability to serve customers. Based on the level and potential of serving customers, you should consider 1-door or 2-door machine.

In many places, the 2-store chain is capable of serving 80-300 cups per day. With 3 faucets, is the choice of stores located in crowded locations such as schools, airports, 04 faucets are very rare, used by especially crowded stores. The small shop only needs 1 faucet to serve about 60-70 cups per day.

Boiler Size

The steam size tells you the steam supply capacity and the heater. Types of machines with 01 faucet usually have a steam heating capacity of about 1.8 - 5 faucets, 02 faucets 5 - 12 liters, 03 faucets 11 - 18 liters, 04 groups of 20 - 22 liters.

Determining whether your main bar typically serves 30ml or 60ml (dual brew) will help you choose the right sized coffee maker.

The Ability to Keep the Temperature Stable

The ideal temperature to make a delicious cup of Espresso is between 90 - 95 degrees Celsius. The temperature determines the aroma and taste of the cup of coffee.

Brand of Coffee Machine Type

Usually in professional coffee shops, you should choose brands from European countries. Unable to select China stream server.

You should choose coffee machines such as: Nuova Simonelli coffee machine, Casadio coffee machine, Animo coffee machine….

Mixing Machine Type

You can choose between an automatic coffee machine or a semi-automatic coffee machine. Depends on the direction of the business and the specific flavor you want. Automatic coffee machine, the machine will operate from A - Z, so it keeps the maximum aroma and flavor of coffee.

Automatic coffee machines will help save time and easily prepare delicious cappuccinos.

Experience Using Standard Coffee Machines


Do not use de-buttered coffee, as it will get stuck in the boiler, in the brew group, in the coffee grinder blade, which will quickly damage the unit.

Regularly clean the machine from inside and outside.

Use filtered and treated clean water to prevent dirt from sticking to the wall of the machine.

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