Tips for Spooky, Scary and Fun Halloween Party Ideas


1 year ago

If you’re planning a Halloween bash at your (haunted) house this year, figuring out the details can be a little overwhelming - especially when there are so many Halloween party ideas to choose from. Even if you have one of the most popular Halloween costumes ready to go, you want to make sure you have the coolest Halloween decor (both indoor and outdoor) and the best food on hand. We’ve narrowed down the best of the best Halloween party ideas for you.

Skeleton Face Candy Packaging

See how we created the "blood" on the utensils? We also added these adorable skull face candy holders to eat place settings for an added treat.

To make them, spray paint all of the egg boxes white inside and out and let dry completely. Cut out the skeleton face templates out of black craft paper with scissors or a craft knife or make your own! Glue on the paper face pieces using a light layer of tacky glue and make sure you securely press down the pieces since the egg is round.

Crescent Flower Wreath

Add those little bats all over your table, or to this DIY wreath that has all of the colors of fall. To create the wreath, start with long skinny grass on the two ends of the crescent shape you are forming to mark the end. Hot glue them into place. Fill in the middle with a mix of all the dried flowers you have collected making sure to mix in more grass and long skinny shapes between the flowers to keep it balanced. Hot glue each thing you add to ensure it is secure. Finish the wreath off by attaching a ribbon around the top or just hang it on a hook on your door or wall.

Spooky Menu

Create the perfect Halloween party menu including all your favorites like Candy apple martinis, Frankenguac, and roasted pumpkin seeds. Show your guests how witty you are (beyond just a spooky menu) with these punny Halloween costumes.

Create a Spooky Playlist

What’s a party without music? Queue up “Monster Mash,” “Ghostbusters,” and all your other Halloween favorites to get guests in the Halloween mood. If you need more ideas for festive tunes, take a look at these Halloween songs that are perfect for any Halloween party.


Pumpkins are a staple of Halloween so make sure you have plenty scattered around your house. They can even be plastic for an easy reusable option. If you plan on carving, make sure you read up on these pumpkin carving tips before you get started.

Spiderweb Table Cloth

Set the table on one of these spooky spiderweb tablecloths made of lace. You can even skip the table and just hang it on the wall for some more decor.

Yard Tombstones

These tombstones for your front yard are easy to set up and will get people in the Halloween mood before they even walk through the door. Now that you have plenty of Halloween party ideas, figure out your costume with these cheap Halloween costumes for adults you can DIY at home.

Witches’ Brew

This green cocktail looks exactly like what you might imagine is in a witch’s cauldron. Bonus points if you serve it in one! You can also make some without the vodka for the kids to try too. Brush up on these corny Halloween jokes to get everyone laughing.


This simple and festive decor from Audrey Kuether is just adorable! All your party guests will get a kick out of this. If you want to get creative with the little ones, check out these Halloween crafts for kids that are fun and easy.

Black and Orange Balloons

Balloons can turn any space into a party! Just get the classic Halloween colors like orange, black, or even purple to turn your house into a party.

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