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In today's hyper-connected world, our lives are immersed in a sea of electronic devices and wireless technologies. While this digital age has brought unprecedented convenience and connectivity, it has also raised concerns about the potential health effects of electromagnetic radiation and fields (EMFs) emitted by our gadgets. Enter Airestech, a company on a mission to provide solutions that help protect you from the unseen but ever-present world of EMFs. In this blog post, we'll explore the role of Airestech in addressing these concerns and promoting a healthier lifestyle.

Who Airestech Are & Airestech Mission

American Aires is a publicly traded company listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the symbol “WIFI”. A5A.F - Frankfurt. A5A.BE - Berlin (Germany).

American Aires Inc., is a global nanotechnology company that is focused on research, development and implementation of innovative technology solutions that restructure and transform electromagnetic field haze into a more biologically-compatible form. The company is headquartered in Canada with manufacturing in the EU and distribution in U.S. and Canada. Currently, the company’s customer base is global and growing rapidly.

Vision: Airestech vision is for Aires products to become a household name, helping make Airestech customers healthier and the public more informed about EMR risks.

Mission: Airestech aim to become a household name by continuing them commitment to innovation, public education and transparency. Our employees, customers and resellers are them partners and Airestech are invested in their success. Airestech believe these goals and values will help maintain our industry leading position.

Technology & History

Founded in 2012, American Aires Inc., has invested over $20,000,000 USD in research and development. The results of the significant research and development investment have been translated into 11 granted patents, 14 patents pending and 18 trademarks pending. The technology developed by the company has been independently tested and peer reviewed studies are available proving its effectiveness. Today, American Aires Inc., is bringing its technology to market through a consumer product commercialization model, with proprietary manufacturing processes that combine the highest level of precision while remaining robust and scalable.


American Aires Inc. strives to be socially responsible by making a positive impact on society through equal opportunity, non- discrimination, fair treatment of all employees and environmentally friendly practices. The goal is to achieve sustainability by acting in the best interest of our customers, employees and partners while making our customers safer, healthier and informed.

Company Policy

The company policy will focus on the following areas: equal opportunity; non-discrimination; accessibility; fair treatment of employees, stakeholders & customers; sustainable environmental practices, green and fair- trade purchasing policy.

The EMF Conundrum

Our homes and workplaces are brimming with electronic devices, from cell phones and Wi-Fi routers to laptops and smart appliances. These devices emit electromagnetic radiation and create electromagnetic fields, and the cumulative exposure is a topic of increasing concern.

Airestech's EMF Protection Devices

Airestech specializes in creating products designed to address the potential risks associated with EMF exposure. Their range of devices takes various forms, from small attachments to wearable jewelry, all designed to neutralize or reduce the potential harmful effects of EMFs.

Harnessing Innovative Technologies

Airestech prides itself on its commitment to research and technology development. Their products claim to use innovative technologies to mitigate the potential health risks associated with EMFs. While the exact mechanisms vary, the overarching goal is to create a protective barrier between you and the electronic devices you use daily.

Raising Awareness

Education is a key aspect of Airestech's mission. They provide educational resources, including articles and reports, to help individuals better understand EMFs and the potential health concerns associated with them. Their aim is to raise awareness and empower you to make informed decisions about EMF exposure.

Safety Standards and Compliance

It's worth noting that regulatory bodies and health organizations worldwide have established safety standards and guidelines regarding EMF exposure. Airestech may claim that their products comply with or exceed these standards, providing you with an added layer of reassurance.

Consumer Feedback and Realities

As with any product in the EMF protection industry, Airestech's offerings have received mixed reviews and opinions. Some individuals report positive experiences, citing reduced symptoms related to EMF sensitivity, while others may not notice significant benefits.

A Critical Approach

While Airestech and similar companies offer solutions for those concerned about EMF exposure, it's crucial to approach claims related to EMF protection critically. The scientific community continues to study the potential health effects of EMFs, and consensus on the extent of risks remains a subject of ongoing research and debate.

Refund policy

Return Window

All returns or exchanges can be made within 30 days from the date of purchase.

Initiation of Returns or Exchanges

All returns or exchanges must be initiated with American Aires Inc. Please contact our customer support team at to initiate the return process.

Approval and Discretion

All returns and exchanges are subject to the absolute discretion of American Aires Inc and may be denied for just cause.

Packaging Requirements

All returning merchandise must include all accessory items, along with the corresponding order number(s), inside the returning package to our facility.

Shipping Costs and Fees

All returns related shipping costs or fees are the responsibility of the customer and not of American Aires Inc. This includes customs fees that were charged with original order. Aires will only refund customs charges/fees that were incurred if our product arrived defective. Defective products require proof with photos of the issues to resolve with a replacement or proceed with the return process.
*Includes shipping fees for international & domestic returns*

Processing Time

Please allow up to 5 business days for a return or exchange to be processed once it arrives at our facility.
An email notification will be sent once the return or exchange is processed.
Refunds can take up to 10 business days based on your payment provider.

Contact Information

For any other related returns or exchanges questions, please contact Airestech customer support team at Airestech are here to assist you.
Airestech appreciate your understanding and cooperation in adhering to our Returns Policy. Airestech aim is to provide you with exceptional customer service and ensure a smooth returns process. Should you have any questions or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to Airestech.

When considering EMF protection products, it's advisable to conduct thorough research, consult experts in the field of electromagnetic radiation, and make informed decisions based on your specific needs and circumstances. Additionally, consulting with healthcare professionals can provide valuable guidance on managing any health concerns related to EMF exposure.
Airestech stands at the intersection of technology, health awareness, and personal choice. In a world where digital connectivity is a necessity, their products offer a path for those looking to navigate the electromagnetic maze for a healthier, more informed lifestyle.
Feel free to adapt and expand upon this blog post to suit your needs or add more specific details about Airestech's products and contributions to addressing EMF concerns.

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