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Caring for your home and gardening require a lot of effort. However, Leaf and Clay can give us a solution to lighten the burden. Products that enable people to take care of the garden and keep the house more attractive are made available at the store. They are mostly designed to be supportive in optimizing the work and offering safety to users. When making a purchase at Leaf and Clay, you will be advised by the customer care team while being offered a guarantee for the longevity of the item. But, it is only one of the reasons that make the store get attracted. People who specialize in gardening strongly appreciate these products because they truly come with practical functions. Besides that, products sold at Leaf and Clay are also said to be well designed for users to be convenient and safe during the process of working.


About store

In the realm of natural elegance, succulents stand as nature's masterpieces. Leaf and Clay understand this allure, curating an exquisite collection that brings the wonders of the desert into homes around the world. Join us on a journey through the mesmerizing world of Leaf and Clay, where succulents are not just plants but living artworks, each leaf telling a story of resilience and beauty.

If you love to decorate your home with attractive plants, you are in the right place because Leaf and Clay can solve this problem for you. Leaf and Clay offers a wide variety and options to its customers at reasonable prices. Every item in their possession is guaranteed to calm your mood and bring joy to your life. Consumers from the official Leaf and Clay websites have direct access to our beautiful collection of plants and pots. Our products are guaranteed to give your home a finishing touch as it will be the focal point of attention for your friends, relatives as well as your university. Leaf and Clay also offers shipping and returns, so feel free to browse our amazing collection of pots and plants to order and return if you're not satisfied. Leaf and Clay believes in customer satisfaction and customer welfare. Give Leaf and Clay a chance to serve and please you.

Succulents: Nature’s Living Sculptures

Succulents, with their captivating shapes and vibrant hues, are more than just plants; they are living sculptures. Leaf and Clay recognize this inherent charm, offering a diverse array of succulents that cater to both beginners and seasoned enthusiasts. From the charming rosettes of Echeverias to the dramatic tendrils of Senecios, each succulent in their collection is a testament to nature’s artistry.

Unraveling the Collection: A Succulent Haven

Leaf and Clay's collection is a succulent enthusiast’s dream come true. Dive into a world where each succulent variety tells a unique story. Whether you're captivated by the architectural elegance of Haworthias or the whimsical allure of String of Pearls, Leaf and Clay’s assortment offers a succulent for every taste and style. It's not just a plant; it’s an expression of personality and a touch of natural luxury.

Succulent Care: Nurturing Nature’s Masterpieces

Caring for succulents is an art in itself, and Leaf and Clay provide not just plants but also wisdom. Their resources and guidance empower enthusiasts to nurture their succulents with expertise and love. From the right soil mixtures to watering techniques that mimic the desert’s rhythm, Leaf and Clay ensure that your succulents not only survive but thrive, gracing your space with their enduring charm.

Beyond Greenery: Succulents as Lifestyle Accents

Succulents are more than potted plants; they are lifestyle accents that elevate any space. Leaf and Clay understand this transformative power, curating not just succulents but also stylish planters and containers that complement modern aesthetics. With their artistic vessels, succulents become not just decorations but statements – a fusion of design and nature that enriches your living spaces.

Community and Growth: The Leaf and Clay Experience

Leaf and Clay foster more than just plants; they cultivate a community. Enthusiasts, novices, and experts converge in a space where knowledge is shared, questions find answers, and a shared love for succulents unites. The Leaf and Clay community isn’t just about plants; it's about growth – both botanical and personal – in the nurturing environment of nature’s wonders.

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Leaf and Clay Shipping & Returns


When: Shipping of live plants will occur between Monday and Friday each week.  

How: Shipping will be via United States Postal Service within the United States and its outlying territories ONLY.  Leaf and Clay do not ship internationally due to agricultural regulations.

All of our plants are shipped bare-root and without their original nursery pot.  This is done both to protect the plant and to reduce shipping expense. Upon receiving your plants, make sure to remove them from their packaging immediately, repot using dry soil, and provide ample sunlight.  Water as needed, making sure to water again only when the soil is completely dry.  Succulents are very hardy and will rebound easily with proper care.

Order Processing:
Please allow 1-3 business days for your order to be processed as it takes a fair amount of time to de-pot, dry, wrap, and box the plants. Additional processing time may be required during Sale or Promotional periods due to above average order volume. Leaf and Clay thank you for your patience as we are always working as quickly as possible to pack and ship your orders!

Leaf and Clay pack our products by hand and take great care to ensure that they arrive at their final destination safely.

Incomplete Addresses and Undeliverable Packages:
Leaf & Clay is not responsible for packages that are returned to our facility by USPS due to incomplete or incorrect address.  Please double check the shipping address provided during the checkout process to ensure that your package arrives at its final destination safely. 

In order to have your package resent, Leaf & Clay will charge for the replacement of damaged plants and a new shipping fee.  There are no refunds or store credit for plants that are damaged in transit due to USPS "Return to Sender" actions.  Packages will only be resent once the original package has been returned to Leaf & Clay.

Use of Freight Forwarders:
Using freight forwarders to circumvent United States regulations regarding the export of plant matter is strictly prohibited.  Leaf & Clay ships within the U.S. and its outlying territories ONLY.  Leaf & Clay is not responsible for any losses suffered as a result of this illegal behavior. 

Plant Mail Club Subscription:
Plant Mail Club members will be charged on the date of original purchase. Future months will be charged on the 7th day of that month. Monthly subscriptions can be cancelled or temporarily disabled at any time by logging in to your account and managing your subscription settings. Pre-paid subscriptions of 3 or 6 months cannot be canceled or refunded part way through. Simply send an email to hello@leafandclay.co prior to the 7th day of the month and Leaf and Clay will cancel or temporarily disable your subscription for you. Requests made on or after the 7th of the month will not be eligible for cancellation or refund, but future months will not be billed. 


Leaf and Clay do not offer returns on live plants, but Leaf and Clay will do everything we can to ensure your satisfaction.  Please contact Leaf and Clay with any questions, comments, or concerns by sending an email to hello@leafandclay.co.  

Non-perishable products such as pots, soil, and top dressing may be returned unused, unopened, an undamaged up to 30-days from the receipt of goods. Customers are responsible for the return postage cost. Fragile items such as pots need to be packed well with bubble wrap or other protective packing materials to ensure safe delivery. Products returned damaged will not be granted a refund. Leaf and Clay advise that you use USPS Priority Mail which includes damage insurance up to $50.

ALL ORDERS ARE FINAL AND CANNOT BE CANCELLED.  This policy is a result of the multi-day process required to prepare the plants for shipment, which includes de-potting, drying, wrapping, and boxing.  That being said, if you make a request to cancel, and your order has not yet begun the fulfillment process, Leaf and Clay will be more than happy to cancel, but this is done at our sole discretion and will be handled on a case by case basis.  Please know that we are not in the business of sending plants to customers who do not want them, and will be completely honest with you regarding your order's status.  If the plants have been removed from the greenhouse and entered this process, the order will be shipped; if they have not started this process, Leaf and Clay will cancel your order, simple as that :)

Damaged or Missing Goods:
Leaf and Clay only ship plants that are disease free and of good quality.  That being said, Leaf and Clay cannot control what happens to your order during transit.

If plants arrive damaged due to transit, Leaf and Clay will issue a store credit. Refunds are not available on live plants. In order for this to happen, you must contact Leaf and Clay within 48 hours of receipt of your order by sending an email to hello@leafandclay.co. Please provide your order number and photos of the damage, both to the packaging and the plants, along with a photo of the packing slip. Do not dispose of the plants or packaging as the carrier may request their return.   

**If you feel that a particular item is missing from your order, Leaf and Clay will require photos of the plants that were received, along with a photo of the packing slip. Without these two items, Leaf and Clay will not be able to address 'missing item' claims.**

Shipping in Winter:
It is the responsibility of customers residing in areas subject to freezing weather to purchase a Heat Pack. While heat packs do not guarantee protection from frost, they will help prevent damage from occurring. If you use a heat pack and the weather is not cold enough, a Heat Pack can also be damaging to the plants, so please be sure to only purchase a heat pack if you expect near freezing or below freezing weather. 

Leaf & Clay is not responsible for damage done to plants by freezing weather. Leaf and Clay cannot control the weather. Order at your own risk. 

Leaf & Clay Reviews

Ellen L. 
United States United States
Leaf and Clay is all that you want from an online shop. The products (plants) all arrived in perfect condition (20 of 20). Everything was exactly as it was in the listing. The perfect site for your succulent and plant needs!

Shalimar R. 
United States United States
In love
Beautiful plant. I love it so much

Shalimar R. 
United States United States
Love it
I love the different types of plants and prices. Excellent service. Fast shipping and great quality. I recommend it.

Jackie W. 
United States United States
The best!
I ordered nine plants from Leaf and Clay, including a collection of “Weirdos”. One of them is a lithops that is now blooming! All the plants came in great shape and have continued to grow nicely!

Glen D. 
United States United States
Calathea Rattlesnake Plant
Very beautiful leaves. Has some hardiness to it unlike some other Calatheas. Happy with this plant so far.

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Conclusion: Embracing Nature’s Elegance

In a world where simplicity meets sophistication, Leaf and Clay invite you to embrace the elegance of nature. Transform your space into a succulent haven, where resilience meets beauty and each leaf tells a tale of survival and grace. Dive into the Leaf and Clay experience, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary, and where the art of cultivation becomes a journey of discovery and delight. Welcome nature’s masterpieces into your life. Welcome Leaf and Clay.

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