The Idea of ​​​​Creating a Warm Party With The Family on Christmas Day


1 year ago

Santa Claus, reindeer, Santa Claus will be the focus of the Christmas party. So creating a cosplay party with family members would be a good idea.

Accordingly, to come up with an idea to organize a Christmas party for your family at the end of the year, you can ask the guests to prepare some costumes that are suitable for the Christmas theme.

You need to leave an empty space to arrange a small stage, this is a place for everyone to live in the party, together to transform into the characters in the Christmas Eve story.

Warm Christmas Party

The typical Christmas colors include only 3 colors: red, blue and yellow. The red color represents the image of a merry Christmas, warm and luxurious, while the red color contains the joy of children and family happiness. Green Christmas is often associated with love and care, while golden yellow always creates a certain warmth and charisma.

To make a warm Christmas party idea with a warm golden tone at your home or office, you can use string lights to hang on the wall, tree branches, or battery-powered candles hanging on the door. It is possible to add a picture with a yellow or red color and decorations such as glass jars, bronze bells, stars; or things that can sparkle in the night. Combine them with embroidered textures like pine green, wooden furniture and small pine pots to create more accents around the room to make the space more harmonious.

White Christmas

The party will become more luxurious when using simple and gentle decorative motifs. Imagine you are entering the castle of Princess Elsa, a pure white. We should cleverly add a little silver or led lights, balloons, jumbo balls to create more sparkle and warm atmosphere for the party so as not to cause a feeling of boredom. The dishes in the party can be colorful, to create a warm atmosphere for the party.

Santa's Workshop

Inspired by fairy tales about Santa Claus, the idea of ​​setting up a party like a Santa Claus will be very suitable if the party has the participation of children.

Menu: This party will be more suitable for buffet style than set menu. The dining tables will be set up like the tables of the little elves. There is a stall for sweets, confectionery and melted chocolate.

Decoration: With the main color white - red - green, the party should be decorated with gift cards, reindeer, large gift bags and Christmas tree. Besides, there are pictures of lovely green elves, and a good Santa Claus.

Recreational activities: Organize small games to give gifts to participating individuals. The event can be combined with donation or charity activities to send to orphans and needy families, helping them have a warm winter.

Christmas Eve Party at The Company

The idea of ​​organizing a corporate Christmas party in the direction of a prom is said to be old; but never old by the sophistication, lightness and elegance for the party. The organizers can arrange a table of sweets or sweets for the evening party depending on the needs and culture of the company.

An important and indispensable part of the company party is the swearing-in activities, which helps to strengthen the employee's feelings. The organizers can organize musical performances such as karaoke, prepare a guitar, organize light games or dance performances during the company's Christmas party.

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