The Must-Have Dishes for Christmas


1 year ago

Besides decorating the house as well as shopping for clothes for the year-end festival season, Christmas parties with familiar dishes are also indispensable. It can be said that this is an opportunity for people to gather, bond and give good things to each other.

Like decorations, Christmas dishes also have their own. These dishes are so popular, so typical that, every time you see them, it means that Christmas has come.


What could be happier than enjoying a delicious, hot piece of chicken in the cold of December?

It wouldn't be Christmas anymore, if there wasn't this dish on the table: Turkey. Turkey was brought to England by explorer Sebastian Cabot in the 16th century. After that, roasted turkey became a popular dish of the British people every Christmas.

It was so popular that in 1843, English writer Charles Dickens included it in his classic A Christmas Carol. This dish spread to Australia from 1788. And gradually it has become an indispensable dish every Christmas. There is nothing happier than enjoying a delicious, hot piece of chicken in the cold of December.

Ginger Pie

Gingerbread is not only delicious but also has an extremely rich shape and decoration, showing the creativity of the person who made it.

From the old stories of the German people about the boy or the girl who got lost in the forest and found a house made from the witch's sweets, the gingerbread was born and was more creative in the way it was decorated. taste as well as taste. And not only for the German people, but wherever Christmas is, there must be gingerbread. This Christmas season, make your own beautiful hot gingerbread to give to the person you love.

Log Cake

This cake is associated with many legends about Christmas Day. It comes from going to the forest to cut a pine log to celebrate Christmas Day. A French baker has created a pine log out of cakes to replace real wood. So the log cake was attached to every house on the winter night to celebrate the birth of Christ.

Mint Flavored Candies

This little candy tree also has many interesting anecdotes. First of all, the candy is always white as the main color and one or two alternating red and green colors. This is implied to be the white color representing the purity and holiness of God; The red color represents His blood. And the candy shape is a stick but when turned upside down is the letter J - the beginning letter of Jesus. 

Christmas Salted Pork Thighs

Salted pork thighs originate from a Norwegian tradition, later becoming a favorite dish of many people around the world on Christmas Eve. Many people have been fascinated by its special taste with chewy meat, smokey smell, salty taste, and greasy skin.


The Christmas party would not be delicious without a delicious, greasy pudding. However, today's pudding is nothing like the old days. Around the 15th century, pudding was made from plums, wine, finely chopped veal, breadcrumbs, herbs, onions, dried fruits, and spices.


Soup is a familiar dish every day, and of course cannot be absent from the Christmas party. Depending on the taste of each family, the cook will choose and prepare the most appropriate soup. And why is soup used at the Christmas party? Then the answer is that it is an attractive appetizer, and it means wishing good health as well as success to everyone.

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