Tips for Great Ideas For The Perfect Halloween


1 year ago

It’s no surprise that Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. There’s candy, costumes, cool decorations and did we mention, candy? But it’s no wonder that Halloween is generally the environment’s least favorite annual celebration, considering it’s a day famous for toilet papered trees, endless candy wrappers and one-time use decorations and costumes. However, you can still get into the spooky spirit without scaring off Mother Nature with these eek-o-friendly Halloween tips.

Plan Some Crazy Fun Games 

Many of the Halloween games you loved as a kid are as much (or even more) fun for adults. Welcome guests with a jar of candy corn and have them guess how many are in the jar. You can announce the winner at the end of the night. Mix up classic games like donut on a string with ones that may be new to your group, like mummy wrap, or a selfie scavenger hunt. Try some of these Halloween games and let the cackles and competition begin. 

Contests are another crowd favorite and give everyone a chance to show off their Halloween spirit. Host a pumpkin carving contest and give prizes for categories like scariest, cutest and best overall. The costume contest is the ultimate Halloween competition, let guests vote for their favorites and award the winners some spooky swag.  

Decorate the House

Now we come to decorate the house - this can range from a few pumpkin shapes to your own spooky tableau or some cute Halloween Mason jar decorations. Remember Halloween is not about good taste, so be as kitsch and over the top as you like.

You could also make a pinata and paint it up to look like a pumpkin, or make some spooky paper lanterns to string around the house.

Frightful Food

Plan your menu well in advance. I love to start by trying to think up the worst food jokes that I can; for example spaghetti and meatballs could be called Eyeballs with Worms. Or maybe you could serve Severed Fingers (sausages) with Monster Mash, and of course green jelly should always be renamed Ectoplasm.

Spooky Costume

Organise the Halloween costumes well in advance - you will either need time to make them and if you are buying or hiring the costumes you will need to get in early to ensure that your children get their first choice.

Create a Haunting Atmosphere 

People are deadly serious about decorating for Halloween. You can transform your event space into a haunted house or go with an understated scary chic theme. Check out these Halloween party ideas for decorating inspiration and more – you don’t need to spend a lot of time or money to turn up the fright factor. 

Your guests will arrive ready for their close ups. Designate a few photo stations and encourage people to snap photos and selfies - a themed backdrop and a few props is all you need. You can even come up with a social media hashtag for your party. Ask guests for suggestions the week before and vote on a favorite hashtag. Genius Tip: Create a custom question on your sign up to easily tally the votes.

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