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LensCoat is a well known name for people with the interest of photography. It fulfills the passion of photographers with amazing services. As a miniature world, LensCoat brings people the world-class level of art. However, it doesn't require a certain subject to visit. People with higher cognitive specialization or people with less knowledge in the field can also become a guest at LensCoat. With total dedication, the founder formed it as a means of realizing his dream. Therefore, every piece comes with a certain meaning and is heavily invested with both effort and money. This is not only a place to pursue your passions, but also a spot to unwind. Come to LensCoat no matter when you want to solve your obsession with photography, you will not surely be disappointed.


About store

In the dynamic world of photography, where capturing the perfect shot often requires venturing into the great outdoors, safeguarding your gear becomes paramount. Enter LensCoat, a brand that has seamlessly blended functionality and style to create protective camera accessories that cater to the needs of both amateur enthusiasts and professional photographers.

LensCoat is a company known for producing protective camera lens covers and accessories. Their products are designed to provide camouflage, protection, and improved grip for camera lenses, especially in outdoor and wildlife photography settings.

LensCoat was founded by nature photographer Scott Elovitz. The goal is simple; create the highest quality protective gear and accessories for your photographic equipment. To make this dream come true, production had to take place in the US under Scott's supervision. It's made of 100% neoprene with self-contained components, providing waterproof protection while providing a thermal barrier that protects your hands from cold lenses at lower temperatures. The success of the first product led to the creation of other neoprene protective products for all your photographic equipment. LensCoat continues to innovate and create the highest quality accessories for all your photos used and loved by nature, sports and leisure photographers.

LensCoat was founded by nature photographer Scott Elowitz. The goal was simple; create the highest quality protective gear and accessories for your photo equipment. For this dream to be a reality, manufacturing needed to take place in USA under Scotts supervision. It all started with the LensCoat Lens Cover.

LensCoat Lens Covers are manufactured from 100% closed-cell neoprene, offering waterproof protection while providing a thermal barrier protecting your hands from cold lenses in lower temperatures.The success of the LensCoat Lens Cover lead the creation of other protective neoprene products for all of your photo gear.

LensCoat continues to innovate and create the highest quality accessories for all of your photo gear.Used and loved by nature, sport,and recreation photographers.

A Cloak of Camouflage Mastery

LensCoat has made a name for itself with its signature neoprene lens covers, each a masterpiece in camouflage design. Crafted to fit popular camera lens models with precision, these covers serve a dual purpose – shielding your lens from the elements while providing the perfect disguise for wildlife photographers seeking that elusive shot.

Tailored Fit for Your Gear

Embracing the diversity of camera equipment, LensCoat ensures a snug fit for a wide range of popular lenses. This not only guarantees maximum protection but also maintains accessibility to crucial lens controls, ensuring you never miss a moment.

Express Your Style

Beyond practicality, LensCoat offers photographers a chance to express their individuality. With an array of colors and patterns to choose from, these lens covers become more than just protective gear; they become a reflection of your unique aesthetic.

Beyond Lens Covers: Additional Accessories Galore

LensCoat doesn't stop at lens covers. Dive into a world of comprehensive accessories, from lens hoods to camera body covers. Each accessory is designed with the same meticulous attention to detail and functionality that LensCoat is renowned for.

Grip It Right

The neoprene material not only shields your lenses from the elements but also provides an enhanced grip. This feature is a game-changer, especially when you find yourself shooting in challenging conditions or need to make quick adjustments on the fly.

Weather-Ready Warriors

Weather resistance is a hallmark of LensCoat's offerings. Don't let rain, snow, or harsh conditions compromise your passion. LensCoat ensures your gear stands up to the elements, allowing you to focus on capturing the perfect shot.

Tripod TLC

Extend the love to your tripod with accessories designed to complement your setup. Tripod leg covers add an extra layer of protection, completing your ensemble of gear guardians.

Community Connection

LensCoat actively engages with the vibrant photography community. Join the conversation on social media, forums, and other platforms. Share your experiences, tips, and unique customizations, creating a community united by a love for photography and protection.

Future-Ready Compatibility

LensCoat products are designed to evolve with your photography journey. Compatible with a range of lens accessories, including teleconverters and filters, they seamlessly integrate into your existing setup.

Camouflage Protection

LensCoat is renowned for its line of neoprene lens covers that come in various camouflage patterns. These covers serve a dual purpose: they protect the lens from scratches, dust, and weather elements while also providing camouflage in natural environments. This is particularly useful for wildlife photographers who want to blend into their surroundings.

Custom Fit for Popular Lenses

The company often tailors its lens covers to fit specific models of popular camera lenses. This ensures a snug and secure fit, maintaining accessibility to lens controls and features while providing full protection.

Variety of Colors and Patterns

In addition to camouflage patterns, LensCoat offers a variety of colors and designs. Photographers can choose covers that not only protect their equipment but also add a personal touch or match their preferred aesthetic.

Lens Accessories

Beyond lens covers, LensCoat may offer additional accessories such as lens hoods, camera body covers, and other protective gear. These accessories are often designed with the same attention to detail and functionality as their lens covers.

Improved Handling and Grip

The neoprene material used in LensCoat products not only protects lenses but also provides an improved grip for better handling. This is especially beneficial in situations where photographers need to quickly adjust settings or shoot in challenging conditions.

Weather Resistance

LensCoat products are typically designed to be weather-resistant, providing an extra layer of defense against rain, snow, and other environmental factors. This is crucial for photographers who often find themselves shooting in unpredictable outdoor conditions.

Photography Accessories for Tripods

Some LensCoat products extend beyond lens covers to include accessories for tripods, such as tripod leg covers. These accessories serve both functional and protective purposes.

Photography Community Engagement

The company may actively engage with the photography community through social media, forums, and other platforms. This allows photographers to share their experiences, tips, and customization ideas for using LensCoat products.

Compatibility with Lens Accessories

LensCoat products are usually designed to be compatible with other lens accessories, such as teleconverters and lens filters. This ensures that photographers can use their preferred equipment while still benefiting from the protective features of LensCoat.

In the realm of photography, where creativity meets the elements, LensCoat stands as a testament to the marriage of practicality and style. Elevate your photography experience, protect your gear with finesse, and let LensCoat be your trusted companion on your photographic adventures. Capture the moments, tell your story, and let your passion shine through, adorned in the protection and style that LensCoat provides.

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Promotional Terms and Conditions

Splurging Pays, Gift Card Craze - shop now

Gift Cards issued electronically by LensCoat within 7 days of purchase to the email address attached to the qualifying order. After 36 months from issuance, gift cards are not guaranteed to be honored. Promotional gift cards cannot be combined, only one can be used per transaction. Lenscoat LLC will be the arbitrator of any disputes. If any item is returned, the purchase of which, was used to qualify for a gift card, the value of that gift card will be deducted from the return proceeds. Promotion applies to orders placed between 07/07/23 and 07/31/23 and cannot be applied to orders placed outside of these dates. 

LensHide Gift Card Promo - shop now

Gift Cards issued electronically by LensCoat within 7 days of purchase to the email address attached to the qualifying order. After 36 months from issuance, gift cards are not guaranteed to be honored. Promotional gift cards cannot be combined, only one can be used per transaction. Lenscoat LLC will be the arbitrator of any disputes. If any item is returned, the purchase of which, was used to qualify for a gift card, the value of that gift card will be deducted from the return proceeds. Promotion applies to orders placed between 07/01/23 and 07/31/23 and cannot be applied to orders placed outside of these dates. 

LensCoat Shipping & Return Info

LensCoat is pleased to ship world wide via Federal Express and UPS and USPS (United States Postal Service). Most orders will be shipped within 1 business day from when placed, Monday-Friday excluding holidays. All shipping is done from our factory @ 80 Throckmorton St, Freehold, New Jersey 07728.

There are 8 or more different shipping options, put the items into the shopping cart and go to the checkout, after putting in your shipping address you will see all the different shipping options and costs BEFORE you are asked for payment so you can see what the shipping rates are for your particular area and service.

The final amount shown in your cart is in US dollars. The estimated product price does not include customs, duty fees and/or taxes. Your credit card company may charge you a conversion fee.

Returns, Warranty, & Replacement Policy

All Lenscoat products are proudly made in the USA at our New Jersey facility.  LensCoat stand behind our products and their quality with a best-in-class warranty and replacement policy.  

Returns for a full refund offered if within 30 days of original purchase.  Must email request to sales@lenscoat.com to get RMA.  Customer must include RMA number when mailing the product back.  Product must be in original condition, with all parts and original packaging. Full refund issued after returned product has been received by Lenscoat LLC.  

All Lenscoat products come with a 1-year warranty against defect.  A picture and description of the defective part along with proof of purchase must be sent to sales@lenscoat.com. Upon approval, a replacement part will be sent out free of charge.

If a part of your LensCoat is lost or damaged a single replacement part for any LensCoat Product can be ordered from LensCoat directly. Please email your part request to sales@lenscoat.com including details of your lens, the pattern of the LensCoat and the part you require. LensCoat will let you know the current cost of the replacement part. Parts are priced exclusive of shipping.

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