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About store

In the age of technology, our lives are surrounded by electromagnetic frequencies that often go unnoticed but may impact our health and well-being. Enter Somavedic, a pioneering technology designed to neutralize harmful electromagnetic radiation and create a harmonious living environment. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the world of Somavedic, exploring the science behind it, the potential benefits, and how it’s reshaping the way we view our living spaces.

Somavedic has been helping people all over the world. More than 19,000 products have been sold, representing 99.9% of satisfied customers. Based on 15 years of experience in the field of alternative medicine (Chinese herbal medicine and Ayurvedic medicine, complementary medicine and related fields), and scientific knowledge in the field of frequency therapy, Somavedic began to be established (until November 2014 - Somatex). They started manufacturing the company based on the fact that the best way to achieve lasting effects on physical and mental health and harmony is to establish a lasting and harmonious environment in which the company has can produce - especially during sleep, which is absolutely essential to their well-being. work. The company is a device that can reliably reduce the harmful effects of EMF / 5G radiation, psychotropic areas, water crossings or the Curry and Hartmann lines.

Somavedic is a brand that produces and sells devices designed to mitigate the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation and geopathic stress in living spaces. These devices are primarily used for enhancing overall well-being, improving sleep quality, and supporting overall health by creating a more harmonious environment.

The Somavedic devices use a combination of minerals, noble metals, and other materials to create a field that counteracts the harmful electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) emitted by various electronic devices, such as Wi-Fi routers, smartphones, and other sources of electromagnetic radiation. The technology is based on the principles of quantum physics and bioresonance, aiming to neutralize the negative impact of these harmful frequencies on the human body.

Somavedic devices are often used in homes, offices, and other spaces where people spend significant amounts of time. Users claim benefits such as improved sleep, reduced stress, increased energy levels, and enhanced overall vitality.

Somavedic mission and vision

Thanks to high-tech's lightening-fast innovation efforts, Wi-Fi, smartphones, and wearables are making our lives easier and more comfortable than ever before. But there is a price for this comfort, and Somavedic aren’t speaking about it much - the long-term harm all these wireless devices are having on Somavedic bodies. This is why Somavedic've developed Somavedic – to mitigate these negative effects.

Somavedic mission is to bring Somavedic into as many households, offices and health & wellness clinics as possible. In a nutshell, Somavedic want to create a healthier home & work environment for everybody. Somavedic want to create spaces where people can feel better, have more energy, more focus and where their relationships thrive.

Understanding the Invisible Threat: Electromagnetic Radiation

Our modern world is filled with electronic devices emitting electromagnetic frequencies. While they power our gadgets and make communication possible, there’s growing concern about the potential impact of prolonged exposure to these frequencies on our health. Somavedic addresses this concern by utilizing advanced technology to neutralize and transform these harmful waves into beneficial frequencies.

The Science of Somavedic: Blending Quantum Physics and Wellness

Somavedic’s technology is rooted in quantum physics and bioresonance principles. By incorporating a combination of minerals, noble metals, and other elements, Somavedic creates a field that counteracts the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation. This process aims to restore balance and promote harmony in our living spaces, potentially leading to improved overall well-being.

The Benefits of Harmonious Living: Improved Sleep, Reduced Stress, Enhanced Vitality

Users of Somavedic often report a range of benefits, from improved sleep quality to reduced stress levels and increased energy. The harmonious environment created by Somavedic is believed to support better sleep patterns, enhance relaxation, and contribute to a sense of vitality. Many individuals find a new sense of balance and peace in their homes, which reflects positively on their overall health.

Navigating the Controversy: Understanding the Debate Surrounding EMF Mitigation Devices

While many users swear by the positive effects of devices like Somavedic, it's essential to acknowledge the ongoing debate within the scientific community. Some researchers question the efficacy of EMF mitigation devices, emphasizing the need for more rigorous studies. As users share their experiences, the conversation around these devices continues to evolve, prompting further research and exploration.

Somavedic Coupon For Consumers

Savings: The most obvious benefit for consumers is the opportunity to save money on their purchases. Somavedic Coupons provide discounts on products or services, allowing consumers to pay less than the regular price.

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Online shopping incentives: Somavedic Online coupons often come with free shipping or additional discounts, making online shopping more attractive and cost-effective.

How to find Somavedic Coupon

Official Somavedic Website: Start by visiting the official website of Somavedic. You can get Somavedic offer exclusive discounts or coupon codes to their website visitors.

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Sign Up for Somavedic Newsletters: Subscribe to Somavedic newsletters of your favorite retailers. They often send out exclusive coupon codes to their subscribers.

Coupon Somavedic Websites: There are several websites dedicated to aggregating coupon codes. Examples include RetailMeNot,, and Honey. You can search for the store or product you want and find available coupons.

Browser Extensions: Install browser extensions like Honey or Rakuten (formerly Ebates). These extensions automatically find and apply coupon codes when you check out online.

Social Media: Follow Somavedic on social media platforms. They sometimes share exclusive discounts or coupon codes with their social media followers.

Mobile Apps: Some stores have mobile apps that offer special discounts to app users. Check if the store you are interested in has an app with exclusive deals.

Cashback Somavedicbsites: Somavedicbsites like Rakuten and TopCashback offer cashback on your purchases, along with access to exclusive coupon codes.

Google Search: You can use Google to search for Somavedic coupon codes. For example, you can search for ""Somavedic + Coupon Code"" and you might find valid codes in the search results.

Abandoned Cart: Some online retailers send coupon codes to users who have added items to their cart but didn’t make a purchase. Try adding items to your cart and then leaving the website. You might receive a coupon code via email to encourage you to complete the purchase.

Reddit and Online Forums: Online communities like Reddit often have dedicated sections where users share coupon codes and discounts they find online.

Somavedic Return policy

Somavedic refund policy lasts 60 days. If it's been more than 60 days since your purchase, Somavedic, unfortunately, can’t offer you a refund or exchange.

You will be responsible for paying your own shipping costs to return an unwanted item. Shipping costs are non-refundable. To be eligible for a refund, the item must be sent to Somavedic within 60 calendar days from the purchase date and must be fully functional and in its original box.

Somavedic Gold
As this model is customized for each individual customer, our 60-day money-back guarantee does not apply!

Carbon Elixir (C60), Essential Oils, Titanium Pyramid, Glass Pyramid, Tiny, Pendant, and Portable
The 60-day money-back guarantee does not apply. Please do not send your purchase back to the manufacturer.

Refunds (if applicable)
Once your returned item is received and inspected, Somavedic will send you an email to notify you that Somavedic have received it. Somavedic will also notify you once your refund is approved or rejected. If your refund is approved, a credit is applied to your credit card or original method of payment within 1 - 5 business days.

Late or missing refunds (if applicable)
If you haven’t received your refund, first check your bank account again, then contact your credit card company. It may take some time before your refund is officially posted. Next, contact your bank. There is often some processing time before a refund is posted. If you’ve done all of this and you still have not received your refund yet, please contact Somavedic at

Exchanges (if applicable) Somavedic only replace items if they are defective or damaged. If you need to exchange a product for the same item, send Somavedic an email at and Somavedic will let you know what address to send the unit to.

To return a product, mail it to:

ShipMonk/Somavedic Technologies 6010 N.
Cajon Blvd San Bernardino,
CA 92407

Before shipping it to this address, please inform Somavedic at, and Somavedic will generate a return code.

Depending on where you live, the time it will take for an exchanged product to reach you may vary. Consider using a trackable shipping service or purchasing shipping insurance. Somavedic can't guarantee that Somavedic will receive your returned item.

Conclusion: Creating a Sanctuary of Wellness

Somavedic represents a step towards creating living spaces that nourish our bodies and minds. By addressing the subtle yet significant impact of electromagnetic radiation, it offers the potential for transformative change in our daily lives. As you consider the harmony of your home, Somavedic stands as a beacon of hope, inviting you to explore the intersection of technology, wellness, and peace. Embrace the possibility of a harmonious sanctuary – where balance and vitality thrive.

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How to apply Somavedic coupon codes

Step1: Visit Somavedic on to find Coupons and Deals. Pick an eligible option and click "GET CODE" or "GET DEAL".

Step2: Copy the coupon or discount code to clipboard after it's shown. (Coupon code and Somavedic's website will appear at once as soon as you click "Copy".)

Step3: After being directed to Somavedic, add all of your desired items to cart and go to the Somavedic checkout.

Step4: Find the box of Discount Code and paste the copied code into. Click "Apply" and enjoy Saving.

Somavedic Questions & Answers

Q: How to identify a coupon code of Somavedic has expired?

A: Each of the Somavedic coupon codes will come with an expiry date. Check it to identify whether it has expired or not. In case you don’t see the date, copy the code and try it at checkout to avoid missing a huge discount.

Q: Why can’t I use a promo code for my purchase at Somavedic?

A: The Somavedic promo code will have a date and be used for eligible items. Make sure your code is valid and hasn’t expired yet.

Q: What conditions are required to get free shipping for Somavedic order?

A: The condition for getting Somavedic free shipping is described on the offer description. If the value of your order is at least equal to the required value, you can enjoy free shipping.

Q: How do I create an Somavedic account?

A: Click on the "Sign Up" or "Create Account" link and follow the prompts to provide the necessary information.

Q: Are there any Somavedic coupons for free shipping?

A: Yes, we often feature coupons for free shipping. Look for the "Free Shipping" label or check the coupon details for shipping-related information.